This period of history plays an important role in our second grade Social Studies curriculum.

A visit to Plimoth Plantation in the Spring helps to deepen the children's understanding of this time period.

Explore the links to the right and below to learn more about the people and events of this time.

Enjoy activities created by the people at Plimoth Plantation, especially for children, here.

Explore Plimoth Village

Visit a Wampanoag homesite

Step aboard the Mayflower

Learn lots at
Pilgrim Hall

View their collections


Thanksgiving Time
Learn more about what we do in our class with this topic.
Scroll down on the page for a Mayflower model!

Before the Pilgrims

The First Thanksgiving

Everything for Thanksgiving
Teacher Resources for Teaching about Thanksgiving

Pilgrim Postcards

Voyage on the Mayflower

Plimoth Daily Life

Looking for Thanksgiving Sites?

The Crossing of the Mayflower
Printable map and quiz

The Pilgrims' Voyage
A geography/history project

The Pilgrims of 1620
A "book" written and illustrated by 4th graders

Thanksgiving Treasures
Marci McGowan's page is filled with treasures!
Be sure to check out her First Thanksgiving ABC's!

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