6 Traits Resources
Here you will find some resources to help support you
in your implementation of 6 Traits in your classroom.

Six Traits Posters
Free printable posters - excellent!

OWL (Online Writing Lab) for Elementary Students
Excellent explanations, graphic organizers, and much more!
If you check out only one site, make it THIS one!

WritingFix Picture Books Prompts
This site is LOADED with lessons on each trait.
Be sure to check out their homepage. Also check out these trait songs:
The Idea Development Song
The Organization Song
The Voice Song
The Conventions Song

Six Traits Lesson Plans
Some outstanding lessons! Check them out!

Six Traits Writing Assessment
A Site for Teachers Using Six Traits
The title is misleading as it's not just about assessment

InterActive Six Trait Writing Process
Very interesting site - provides explanations, examples,
and you can set up a free account to track your class work

Mini Lessons for Six Traits
More lessons for each trait, especially for grades 1-3

6 Traits Resouces from Wiredinstructor
Scroll down for resources on each trait

Official 6+1 Trait Writing Site
Be sure to see 6+1 Assessment, too

Write Traits Classroom Kits
Details about your Write Traits Kit

The Write Source Site
Student writing models and grade level writing topics
Also, ways to publish your students’ work online

Lucy Calkins Overview

Special thanks to Peirce 5th grade teacher,
Meredith Weiss, for the following links:

Six Trait Writing
Downloadable lessons for each trait
(Word needed for downloads)

Make Six Traits Writing Fun
Some great ideas here!

Six Trait Writing at Web English Teacher
Many more links to 6 Traits pages

Proteacher - The Writing Process
A number of links from above, plus a few others

Literature Connection to the Six Traits of Writing
Idea for incorporating Six Traits
with book Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm

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