Animal Expedition

Pam Elliott is hosting a great American Animal Expedition. Teachers and their students across the country are sharing pictures and facts about their state's animals. We are excited to be a part of this expedition!
Here is the list of participants with whom we’ll be exchanging info.
Many of the State Animals are listed here.
From the great state of Massachusetts,
comes our State Marine Mammal, the Right Whale.
To learn much more about the Right Whale, click on the picture.

You can paint a picture of our state marine mammal! Just click here.
To work on a whale (and other state animal) jigsaw puzzle, click here.
Thank you, Pam!
Massachusetts, unlike many states, does not have ONE state animal,
but rather several state animals. Other animals include:
  • State Bird ~ Black-Capped Chickadee
  • State Game Bird ~ Wild Turkey
  • State Dog ~ Boston terrier
  • State Cat ~ Tabby cat
  • State Horse ~ Morgan horse
Here are some of the state animals from our team members:

Louisiana’s Black Bear - Ms. Andrepont’s Class
Maine’s Moose - Mrs. Elliott’s Second Grade
Maryland’s Baltimore Oriole - Mrs. Hockman's Third Grade
New York’s Beaver - Mrs. Farruggia's 2nd Grade