Where in the World are Arlington, MA and Berlin, WI?

As part of a classroom collaboration for the Internet Project, Mouse Tales, students in Lanise Jacoby's Second Grade in Arlington, MA and students in Debbie Coats' Second Grade in Berlin, WI, took part in a special project centered around Jan Brett's Town Mouse Country Mouse.

One of the activities in which our classes were involved was comparing temperatures. We were often amazed to learn how similar the temperatures could be in two communities so different. Let's take a look at where we are on the map to help us understand this.

LATITUDE on a map or globe runs across (East and West), LONGITUDE runs up and down (North and South). If you were to draw a line across the United States from Berlin, WI to Arlington, MA, you would see that you can almost perfectly connect the dots of the two places. Try it with your cursor right now. This means that Arlington and Berlin have similar latitudes. Here is Berlin's latitude 4358'11" North, and here is Arlington's 4225' North. You can see that they are very close! Similar latitudes have similar weather, although maybe not on the same day.

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