Batty for Bats!

Bats are a most beneficial, but much misunderstood creature. It is most effective to have children learn at a young age the importance of all of Earth's creatures in the web of life and health of humankind. For this reason, we do a Bat Unit in second grade, as part of our Science studies.

We begin with the story of Stellaluna. After reading this, we make a Venn diagram comparing bats and birds. A great nonfiction companion book is Bats by Gail Gibbons.

These books are
also known as
paired books
or twin texts,
and are a wonderful
way to compare
fiction and nonfiction.
We then proceed to online resources, including a Living Book of Stellaluna. We especially like the Bat Buddies program created by Arlington's Gail Treanor.

As a culminating activity, the children, with partners, type facts about bats using a word processor (we use Appleworks). These typed facts create a class book which is duplicated so that each child has a copy.

Below you will find links to help
you and the children in your life
explore the wonderful world of bats.
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Bat Buddies
A week long online unit
created by Gail Treanor

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Projects from many classrooms - great ideas!

Going Batty!
This site has wonderful resources!
Please check it out!

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A to Z Kids Stuff Bats

Bats and backgrounds by
the AWESOME Nyanna
Thank you, Nyanna!

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