About Me Hello, I am a painted lady butterfly, scientifically known as vanessa cardui. I emerged in Ms. Jacoby's second grade classroom in Arlington, Massachusetts, a few years ago, when her students were studying their yearly Science unit "The Life Cycle of the Butterfly" (that would be me - smile). She was able to capture this photo as I was nectaring after the class released me.
Then I flew off, onto my life's adventure.

I didn't always look as beautiful as I do in this picture. You see I started out as a teeny tiny egg. Then I hatched into my larva stage (that's when I was a caterpillar and came to live in Ms. Jacoby's classroom). Next I went into my pupa stage (this is when I made a very unique looking chrysalis), and finally I emerged as an adult -
a beautiful butterfly.
This only proves you shouldn't judge a butterfly
by its chrysalis!

To learn lots more about me and my family of butterflies,
click on the links below.


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A printable page of vocabulary.
Can be used for individual students or a Word Wall.

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Great Photos of the Painted Lady

Caterpillars and Butterflies Theme
A very good booklist and some fun songs and poems
Written for younger children, but adaptable for grade 2

The Life Cycle of the Butterfly
from Tooter4Kids
Focus is on the monarch butterfly, but lots of useful info


Email MeIs your class studying me (the painted lady butterfly)? Have you seen a painted lady in your schoolyard, a park, or in your own backyard? If so, Ms. Jacoby's class would love to hear from you! Please email her and tell her where and when you spotted a painted lady. Be sure to put Painted Lady Sighting in the subject line.
Thank you!

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