Painted Lady Sightings
We asked classes and individuals to let us know if they were studying, or where and when they saw the Painted Lady Butterfly. Here is what we're hearing...

From Indiana

Dear Ms. Jacoby and class,

My family and I were taking a walk earlier today and took some pictures of a painted lady butterfly. When we got home we wanted to do some research and learn a little about her for our nature journal. As we were looking, we found your class page about your butterfly. We wanted to share our pictures with you. We found this beautiful butterfly on our Canal Walk in Indianpolis, IN on Sept. 29, 2012 (today). We hope you enjoy these pictures!

The Keime Family
Indianapolis, IN

Thank you, Keime Family!

From California

Dear Ms. Jacoby and class:
Our class has already studied butterflies and life cycles. I am curious about where you got your butterflies. We live in Bakersfield, CA about 15 miles from Insect Lore, a butterfly company. Is that where you got your butterfly house?

Mrs. Chambers
2nd Grade Teacher
Highland Elementary

We are watching the cycle of Painted Lady Butterflies. Our caterpillars have formed their chrysalises and we are waiting for them to emerge.

On April 1st there was an article in our local paper about swarms of Painted Lady Butterflies causing havoc in our community. The butterflies have caused traffic accidents by covering the windshields of cars. The people driving the cars could not see out of their windshields. The article stated that we have huge numbers of butterflies because of the large amount of rain we had this winter. We have had over 59 inches of rain so far this year. Click here for an article about this.

I thought you might like hearing about what happened in La Crescenta, Ca earlier this year.

Mrs. Goddard and Class
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From Illinois

Our school, Tate Woods Elementary, in Lisle Illinois studies the Painted Lady Butterfly every spring in our first grade classes. We are a suburb of Chicago. We receive our caterpillars in time to release the butterflies before we go home for the summer. Thank you for sharing your beautiful web page on the Painted Lady.
Lynn Weeks - 2nd grade - Tate Woods

Hello from Chicago, IL
We have painted lady butterflies in our classroom every Spring. This year our 10 adult butterflies mated and laid eggs. Out of the many, many eggs we only got one caterpillar that survived. The baby caterpillars looked like a piece of thread. We bought hollyhock plants for them to eat but only one lived. The one that lived, went throught the whole life cycle process. We let this little last guy go last Thursday, May 26, 2005.
Mrs. Laramie's second grade class

From Massachusetts

Hello from Arlington, Massachusetts!
We thought we should add our own class to the page, in case you wanted to find us on the map!

Each year we do the "Life Cycle of the Butterfly" in Science. This year we had a big scare - all our caterpillars went into a dormant stage and we thought they had died! Why did this happen? Because we had one of four of the coldest Mays ever recorded!
Fortunately, the temperature warmed up and they continued with their metamorphosis. We released many of them on Friday, June 3rd.

We love hearing from other classes with painted ladies. Thanks so much for sharing!
Ms. Jacoby
Grade 2 - Peirce School

From Ohio

We are currently raising Painted Ladies as part of our insect unit. We purchased the school kit from InsectLore and received 41 caterpillars. The 41 caterpillars were divided between three classrooms. All 41 caterpillars became perfect butterflies. You can view pictures of our classroom's butterflies here.
Roberta Gray
P.S. We are observing lots of insects in our room - crickets, butterflies, silkmoths (luna, cecropia,and polyphemus), cecropia caterpillars, luna caterpillars, ants, hissing cockroaches, ladybugs, and praying mantises.

My class studied the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly this spring. We released our 11 butterflies on May 4th. Our school is in Geneva, Ohio -- about 5 miles from Lake Erie.
Your Painted Lady webpage is terrific! Thank you for sharing.
Jackie Meehan
Spencer Elem. Gr. 2

From Pennsylvania

Hi everyone! We are a second grade class from Scranton, Pennsylvania. We are currently raising Painted Lady Butterflies and when we got to school this Monday morning they were hatched! When we put a cut orange in the butterfly house they went right for it! We will release them very soon! Thanks for sharing.
Mrs. Police's class

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