Balancing and Weighing

Welcome to the World of Balancing and Weighing!
This is one of our second grade Science units.
Use the links below to learn lots more about this interesting concept!

About our Balancing and Weighing Unit
Especially for teachers and parents, an overview of our unit.

*** The following two links are each a MUST SEE!! ***
Mobile Maker
Use all the skills you're learning to create a mobile that balances!
National Gallery of Art for Kids
Interactive Make Your Own Mobile Online

Experimenting with Balance
Using a simple coat hanger, children can experiment with balance.

Mirette on the High Wire - Science Literature Links
Two great lessons investigating balance
All in the Balance
Balancing Act

The Butterfly Balancer Craft
A balancing act similar to our first lesson!

Make Your Own Butterfly Mobile
Use these directions to create something beautiful!

Make a Jan Brett Mobile
Are you a fan of Jan Brett books?
Then try your hand at this mobile,
made with many characters from her books.

Many Mobile Ideas
from Enchanted Learning

Learn about the great mobile artist, Alexander Calder,
with the following links...

Calder Lessons
Calder Lesson from San Diego Museum of Art
Great background info - includes mobile and circus lessons
Counting on Calder
Calder’s Balancing Acts
Take a quick quiz on Calder

Alexander Calder
at Enchanted Learning

Virtual Tour of Calder’s Work at National Gallery of Art
in Washington, D.C. (see mobile which is part of Science Notebook in unit)

Alexander Calder: An Artist At Play
Learn about the interactive Calder toy exhibit
at the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Calder Foundation
The "official" Alexander Calder site

Calder's Works in Galleries
Many galleries showcase some of Calder's amazing works.

A Calder Video

Alexander Calder at Wikipedia

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