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~ About the Project ~
In researching field trips during the school year 2005-2006, I discovered that a new version of Charlotte's Web was about to be released in movie theaters in December of 2006. The book Charlotte's Web by E.B. White is a truly wonderful story and a perfect read-aloud for second grade. Given that I knew many of the children would see the movie, I wanted to be sure to include the reading of this book as part of our work for the school year 2006-2007. Little did I know where it would take us!!!

As the saying goes, "great minds think alike" - smile - and Jennifer Wagner, who is always concocting amazing Internet projects, was also planning to launch a December project for Charlotte's Web. The project, entitled SOME PROJECT, stated, "Each class who participates will need to create either a website, a wiki, a photosite (such as bubbleshare or flickr), or a blog that shares their class involvement!"

Below you will find our work. This was a TERRIFIC experience, and we hope you enjoy learning about our work as much as we enjoyed doing it!

~Ms. Jacoby and Class

~ Our Work ~
Part I - A Record Attempt and Part II - Weekend with Wilbur

Part I - An Attempt to Break a Guinness World Record
In anticipation of the release of the movie Charlotte's Web, a new version of this classic story by E.B. White, Walden Media put together an AMAZING event! They asked schools and others around the country and across the world to join with them to break A Guinness Book of World Records for the Most Number of People Reading Aloud Simultaneously in Multiple Locations. To do this, we would all be reading a passage from the book. Learn more here.

Since Charlotte's Web had been a read aloud in our class, this seemed like a perfect match for us, so...On December 13, 2006 at exactly 12:00 EST the entire second grade at Peirce School, Arlington, MA, along with town dignitaries, principals, our secretary, nurse, other teachers and parents joined us for this attempt. We worked hard to make our event memorable, meaningful, and fun (and so did Walden Media!). Here are some of the highlights of this exciting time...

UPDATE...WE DID IT!!! - We broke the Guinness World Record for the Most Number of People Reading Aloud Simultaneously in Multiple Locations!!!...Peirce School is also listed on the DVD of Charlotte's Web released in April 2007!...SOME JOB by all!!

Thanks to Walden Media, everyone would receive a TERRIFIC (or Radiant or Humble) button!

A raffle was held for a genuine Ty beanie Wilbur! Congratulations to Meghan who won!

After the event there would be certificates, posters, bookmarks, and books for all!

Our very own Wilbur and Gussy oversaw all the activities! They loved it!

There were DELICIOUS (and RADIANT) piggies in a blanket, made for all by Declan's mom. They were all beef, of course, and even had little happy faces on them!
Thank you, Laura!!

Owen's mom, the Queen of Tattoos, helped out with awesome tattoos, also provided by Walden Media.
Thank you, Laila!!
Arlington dignitaries Maryellen Loud, Annie LaCourt and Jack Hurd arrived.
Arlington Advocate photographer Holly was on hand.
The excitement mounted as the reading was about to begin!

Cadence and Rebecca take a closer look at characters from the story.
(Cadence's mom was our "OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER" - Thank you, Amanda!!)

Peirce principal, our own Mr. Penta,
lead the reading...

...for students and parents alike.

Registration Witness, my own (smile) Mr. Carme, principal of Bishop School, joined in the reading, as well.

After the Event, children were given copies of Charlotte's Web, and it was time to...



Independent Witnesses

Maryellen Loud

Director of Library Services

Annie LaCourt
Town of Arlington Selectwoman

Jack Hurd
Town of Arlington Selectman

Registration Witnesses

Stephen Carme

Bishop School Principal

Carol Macdonald
Grade 2 Teacher

Judith Britt
Title I Teacher

Rose Konowski
Learning Team Chair

Peirce Teachers and Staff

Margy Dunton


Lucille Nicholson
School Nurse

Cheryl Lowenthal
Reading Teacher/
Lead Reader for Teachers

Jane McQueeney
Grade 3 Teacher

Evangelene Kennedy
Grade 3 Teacher

Jessica Karwowski
Grade 4 Teacher

Robin McManus
Grade 4 Teacher

Arlington School Department

Judi Bohn

Administrative Assistant
Parents (as Readers and More)

Amanda Johnston

Official Photographer

Laila Moore Niles
Tattooist and Reader

Jonathan Niles

Laura Prunty
Baker and Reader

Al Coipel

Monica DeSalvo

Daniela Gnerre

Christina Hurley

Dolores Mullin

ALL the TERRIFIC Peirce School Second Grade Readers
in the classes of Ms. Jacoby and Ms. Macdonald

And, last but far from least,
our principal Mr. Robert Penta, our LEAD READER!

Special thanks also go to Walden Media for all its work on this project.

We couldn't have done it without all of you and we are

Thank you all so very, very much!

Part II - A Weekend with Wilbur
Weekend with Wilbur
Weekend with Wilbur is a Family Discovery Pack. Wilbur the beanie (right) will spend each weekend with one of the students.

Learn below about the fun
they'll have during the visit.
from Ms. Jacoby
from Anna Rose
from Antony
from Ben
from Cadence
from Daniel

More coming soon!

During the weekend, the children are asked to:
  1. Read a chapter of Charlotte's Web (either child to parent, or parent to child).
  2. Record in an accompanying journal the title of the chapter they read, and a favorite quote from that chapter.
  3. Look through magazines or newspapers for a "sparkle word" or "powerful verb" that Charlotte could write in her web.
  4. Cut out the word and paste it on an index card, making a web around it (the more dazzling, the better).
  5. Look the word up in a dictionary and record the meaning on the back of the index card.
These words will be presented in class and
then added to a Charlotte's Web Word Wall.

Check here for the words that we'll be adding.

How well did you read?
Quiz yourself on your chapter here


Below is the story of the little piggy on the cover of the newest edition of Charlotte's Web (pictured above). It's a story of which Charlotte would be proud!

Charlotte's Web' reprised: pig who posed as Wilbur gets reprieve

29 June 2006
Associated Press

MURFREESBORO, Tennessee (AP) - The message of "Charlotte's Web" has softened the heart of a farmer who has decided a piggy who posed as Wilbur will not be going to market after all.

"Charlotte's Web," which author E.B. White called "a story of friendship and salvation on a farm," tells how a clever spider named Charlotte saves Wilbur the pig from slaughter. HarperCollins Publishers wanted photos for an upcoming reprint of the children's classic, and the pictures were shot last week on John L. Batey's farm about 25 miles (40 kilometers) southeast of Nashville.

Batey said he did not recollect the moral of the story -- or the potential for publicity -- when he told a reporter the piglet was destined to be sold within the year.

When the prospect of Wilbur becoming pork chops was reported, the phone at Batey's farm started ringing. Calls from Canada, Boston, Chattanooga and the publisher in New York urged clemency for the pig.

"I am married to a lovely man, and anyone who knows John knows he would be honest and fair to everyone," said Melissa Batey about her husband. "But he didn't read the book. I had to point out that the farmer was not the good guy until the end of the book."

So now Batey, who has raised livestock for decades, has named the pig Wilbur and pledged to keep him forever in a specially built pig pad down on the farm. A nutritionist will be consulted on developing a special diet so Wilbur doesn't, well, make a pig of himself.

"I wasn't going to be the bad old farmer in the book," Batey said. "I'm going to be keeping him myself."

Wilbur even went to church on Sunday, where the preschoolers know Charlotte's Web well and lavished him with hugs and pets.

"I just didn't know he was going to be so famous," Batey said. "He's become a hall of famer real fast."

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