Charlotte's Web ~ Scenery
Arlington Center for the Arts is presenting Charlotte's Web, the play. To make the experience more interactive, they asked the school children who would be attending to create drawings to become part of the scenery.

We chose the barn at Zuckerman's Farm for our work. I think you'll agree - the children did a TERRIFIC job! We have our fingers crossed that one of ours may be chosen. We'll keep you posted!
NEWSFLASH...Three of our wonderful works of art were chosen by ACARTS...Amy's was chosen for the image on their website, and Nathaniel's and Sebastian's work were part of the show!...Congrats to Amy, Nathaniel, and Sebastian, and GREAT job by ALL!!

by Alexandra

by Amy *chosen for email announcement*

by Andre

by Anna

by Bailey

by Brandon

by Camden

by Carl

by Francis

by Jenny

by Jillian

by Jimin

by Maxime

by Nathaniel *chosen for the show!*

by Noa

by Samuel

by Sarah

by Sebastian *chosen for the show!*

by Sophie

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in 2006/2007 with Charlotte's Web here.

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