Daffodil Haiku
Spring 2006
Inspired by our beautiful flowers on Daffodil Day, each student wrote several haiku.
The following are the children's choices of their "best".
To learn more about haiku and Daffodil Day, scroll down.
Fields of daffodils,
sweet flowers dancing all day,
beautiful blossoms

by Andrea

Beautiful flowers,
awakening from winter,
gorgeous in the Spring.

by Ashley

Many daffodils,
a vast sea of yellow,
blooming in the Spring.

by Ben

Fragrant daffodils,
announcing in the meadows,
"Spring has come again!"

by Charles

Gleaming daffodils,
dancing in the bright sunlight,
bringing me such joy

by David

Lovely daffodils,
swaying in the great meadows,
facing toward sunshine

by Erin

Yellow little buds,
blossoming all through the day,
growing very tall.

by Eva

Gleaming golden in
fields one after the other
daffodils' beauty.

by Giulia

Sweet daffodils smell
as fragrant as Mother Earth
in the field today.

by Hunter

Such sweet daffodils,
blossoming in green meadows,
making me joyful.

by Javier

Daffodils swaying,
shining brightly in the sun,
bringing Spring to life

by LuKuan

Beautiful flowers,
blooming in the Spring season,
yellow daffodils

by Matthew

Beaming like the sun,
daffodils awakening,
telling me it's Spring

by Myles

Daffodils glow in
the brightness of cool Springtime,
and bring joy to all.

by Nicole

I love daffodils,
so beautiful when they bloom
in the Spring garden.

by Sam

Lovely daffodils,
blossom in the bright sunlight,
gleam at us with grace.

by Stefan

Joyful daffodils,
bringing hope to everyone
after winter ends.

by Yuran

Daffodil Day is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. In 2006 it was Peirce School's 20th year of participation in this worthy cause. It is a day near and dear to my heart because the tradition of schools participating began, not only at Peirce, but across Arlington, throughout Massachusetts, and perhaps the country, right in my second grade classroom in 1986. Always beautiful, Daffodil Day is a day for us to don our yellow, think of others, appreciate nature's beauty, and to explore the world of poetry. Learn more about Daffodil Days here.

Daffodils lend themselves to all forms of poetry, but especially the form known as haiku. Haiku is Japanese and the traditional form requires three lines following a five, seven, five syllable pattern. Here is a helpful haiku page.

To add a bit of fun to our work with haiku, the children chose their favorites (see above). Then we typed them in the Computer Lab and sent them to our families on postcards through the mail!

In the school year 2005-2006, our classroom theme was "Flower Power". Flowers played an important role in our class during this year, helping us to blossom :-) in second grade.

In the fall of 2005 we planted daffodil bulbs at our school. These were the first ever daffodil bulbs planted at our newly rebuilt school.

In the spring of 2006 they began to awaken. First they sprouted, then there were buds, and finally, on April 13, 2006, the FIRST DAFFODIL bloomed at Peirce School! (see photo right)

Ms. Jacoby was so excited to capture this historical moment in a photo!

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