*Halloween Fun and Learning*
Looking for some Halloween fun for your classroom,
but with some truly authentic learning?
Read on for two spooktacular ideas...
Dem Bones! Dem Bones!

Grab a package of Dem Bones for each of your students and watch the Math unfold!

Note: Dem Bones is made by Brach's Candies and can be tricky (no pun intended - smile) to find.
My terrific husband found them for me at Shaw's Supermarket.

First we sorted, then we graphed. Next, we found Table Counts and developed a hypothesis about which bone would have the greatest number. Finally, we made class number strings and used calculators to find a class count for each. Here is what we found:
Skulls - 45 + 32 + 31 + 29 = 137
Rib Cages - 15 + 22 + 17 + 26 = 80
Bones - 32 + 13 + 25 + 37 = 107
Hands - 20 + 18 + 17 + 30 = 85
Feet - 31 + 27 + 22 + 31 = 111
Total number of bones in our packages - 520
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The Little Old Lady Who
Was Not Afraid of Anything

This story is sure to delight! After reading it or listening to it on tape, try out a Reader's Theatre Version for some great practice in reading fluency.

Below are some more great ideas for this book:

  • Retelling - This is a perfect story to teach students the skill of retelling. Create a shared retelling as a class, then ask children to work with a "Study Buddy" to create their own retells.

  • Check out the Teachers Pay Teachers Common Core Standards based activities for this book here.

  • Little Old Lady Literature Guide
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