E Pluribus Unum
Out of Many, One
Our Classroom Theme 2006~2007

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In our class we have a yearly theme. Themes help to build a sense of community and spirit in the classroom and give us a focus for the year. Our theme for the school year 2006-2007 will be
E Pluribus Unum which means
Out of Many, One
Out of Many People ~ ONE Nation,
Out of Many Students ~ ONE Class!

Can you think of other examples of E Pluribus Unum?

Use the links to the left to learn more about our theme and how it will be a part of our class this year.

~ About Our Theme ~

E Pluribus Unum is the title of the Massachusetts Second Grade History and Social Science Frameworks. It is also the original motto of our country. What is a motto? Click here for a definition.

This motto is also found in many places, such as the following:

  • The Great Seal of the United States
  • The Presidential Seal
  • The Vice Presidential Seal
  • All the coins we use for money
  • The Dollar Bill
This theme will not only give us an opportunity to learn about our great country, but will help us to see that this motto is true for many aspects of our lives. It also has the spirit of cooperation and teamwork - essential components for a unified nation and a caring classroom.

How will this theme be integrated into our program?

Along with following the guidelines of the Massachusetts frameworks, we will also be:

  • having an introduction into our form of government
  • learning about important American symbols
  • learning about money and coin collecting
  • using quilts as a vehicle to demonstrate this concept
  • finding examples of E Pluribus Unum in our daily lives
  • participating in Internet projects to learn about other parts of our country

~ Peirce Prides ~
The Road to the White House

Our yearly theme is tied into a classroom incentive program in which children earn Peirce Prides (PPs) for demonstrating the following:
This year the children will begin their learning journey as a REPRESENTATIVE. After 25 PPs they will become a SENATOR. Another 25 Peirce Prides will move them to the level of VICE PRESIDENT, and an additional 50 PPs will have them becoming PRESIDENT!

Each child will have her/his own chart on our "E Pluribus Unum" board to keep track of his/her progress on the road to the White House.

Note: It is important to remember that this is NOT a race. It's not about getting there "first", it's about getting there!

Soar Into Learning
with Baldy

A Family Discovery Pack
Baldy, a plush eagle friend, will join families on weekends to help them soar into learning. Accompanied by two terrific books from the American Symbols Series, students and families will be asked to enjoy the books, then reflect upon their learning and describe it in a journal.

Also included will be two DVDs.
Click on each DVD to learn more.

The first DVD, Washington, D.C., will be required viewing; the second, U.S. Symbols, will be optional. Both are filled with important and interesting information about our country.

Students will also be asked to photograph or draw Baldy in an example of E Pluribus Unum of their choosing. Here is my example:

Out of many flowers, ONE garden

~ Examples of E Pluribus Unum ~
Out of many people, ONE Nation
Out of many students, ONE Class

Let's think of more examples.
Can you think of a new example of E Pluribus Unum?
Email me and I will post it below.
Out of many flowers, ONE garden

Ms. Jacoby

Out of many planets, ONE Solar System


Out of many pages, ONE book


Out of many school friends, ONE Peirce family


Out of many lego pieces, ONE structure


Out of many cars, ONE train


Out of many colors, ONE rainbow


Out of many letters, ONE word


Out of many states, ONE country


Out of many notes, ONE song


Out of many branches, ONE tree


Out of many musicians, ONE band


Out of many fish, ONE school


Out of many slices, ONE pizza


Out of many trees, ONE forest

Anna Rose

Out of many bricks, ONE building


Out of many feathers, ONE Baldy (our class eagle mascot)


Celebrating Constitution Day
Did you know we have a new holiday? It's Constitution Day! On December 8, 2004, President George W. Bush signed House Resolution 1848 which officially established September 17th as “United States Constitution Day.”

To celebrate we will perform a Readers' Theater version of D is for Democracy, a wonderful book by Elissa Grodin. Learn more about the book here, or click on the image above to take a peek inside it.

Below are some links to help you learn about the book and this holiday...

D is for Democracy Teacher’s Guide - EXCELLENT!

Fun and Games at Carpenter's Hall
Carpenter's Hall was not part of the writing of the Constitution, but is mentioned in D is for Democracy. This link will provide a look at this historical place.

Listen to the Scholastic News Edition of The Constitution
This is a September Grade 2 edition - great!

Constitution Day at the Constitution Center

I Signed the Constitution - downloadable teaching kit

Constitution Word Scramble

Constitution Day at atozteacher stuff

The Constitution for Kids

The Constitution
A printable book for fluent readers from enchantedlearning.com

Create Your Own Classroom Constitution or
Bill of Rights
from enchantedlearning.com

Images of the Constitution
from the National Archives and Records Administration
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Letter of Transmittal

Coloring Pages for Constitution and More

Constitution Day at whitehousekids.gov

Teaching With Documents: Observing Constitution Day

~ Links to Learning ~
Use the links below to explore ideas and learn more about our theme, our government, and our country.

Our Theme

Great Seals

Our Money

Our Government


Our America

Learn About Our Theme
E Pluribus Unum: A Quiltart Challenge
Some amazing interpretations of this motto by quilters

E Pluribus Unum
A Webquest for Grades 2-4

E Pluribus Unum on Official Seals
The Seal of the President of the United States
Learn all about the Presidential Seal at Enchanted Learning
A page of the Great Seal of the United States to print out and color

Presidential Seal Coloring Sheet
Another coloring sheet to print out from Time for Kids

Another Look at the Presidential Seal and Its Meaning

Learn About Our Money
Understanding the Design and Symbolism on a One Dollar Bill

U.S. Mint for Kids
Click on H.I.P. Pocket Change to enter the kids' area

The Money Factory
Learn about our country’s money with these interactive games.

Coin Tab Book from Enchanted Learning

Four Famous Faces - Lesson on South Dakota Quarter

Flip a Coin
See obverse and reverse of U.S. coins (and other countries)
Parental Warning - Please view this site with your child - one link can lead to a private blog where I cannot ensure appropriate material

Learn About Our Government
Democracy: A Big Challenge
Great unit for Grades 1-2

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Learn about the “Great Seal”, then try coloring the Great Seal online.

A Study in Government
Using Peter and Cheryl Barnes Mouse books

The Democracy Project ~ How Does Government Affect You

Congress for Kids
House of Representatives

Kids in the House ~ Office of the Clerk

State Senate Page for Kids
Written for NY senators, but some very good info about the job.

My Senator and Me
by Senator Edward Kennedy - a Real Read book version

Children’s Books and Websites on the U.S. Government

Reproducibles on the Government from Time for Kids

Learn About the Presidency and Washington D.C.
Government Leaders
A Grade 2 Unit PowerPoint on Vice President, along with a number of excellent resources

The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden
Interactive President Activities
Be sure to click on The President’s Seal You can paint it online!

President for a Day

If I Were President
Resource for teachers from Scholastic
Presidential Resources - Also from Scholastic

Presidential Birthdays
Was a President born on your birthday?

Birthday Greetings from the White House
Do you have a family member or friend 80 or older? If you do, the White House will send them a birthday greeting!

The White House at Enchanted Learning

The White House for Kids

Welcome to Washington DC for Kids
Lots of games here!

Learn About America
Make Your Own American Flag
Print and color

U.S. Symbols from A to Z Kids Stuff
Pages to print out and color

U.S. Symbols from Enchanted Learning

National Symbols Webquest
Hmmm...this might be a BONUS Peirce Pride!

Mr. Donn's U.S. Patriotic Symbols
Beware that some links don't work, but some great info here

America’s Story from America’s Library
Be sure to check out the Quilt Pages.

We’re Proud to Be Americans
Wonderful page of excellent links by Marci McGowan

The 50 States of the U.S.A.
Another great find by Marci McGowan
Be sure to watch the map to see how our country grew!

Dawn's U.S.A. State Blocks
Dawn Stewart has created amazing quilt blocks, one for each of our states, plus more! Beautiful!

Kids Konnect - Fourth of July
Learn all about this great holiday, plus some fun games and crafts

My Beautiful America
This is AMAZING!! A MUST see for PARENTS with their children! Be sure that you can view the details of the locations beside the waving flag.
Special Note: This link is provided for the enjoyment of my students and parents. It is in no way an endorsement of any group, organization, or sales promotion.

Fireworks Over Lady Liberty
Just for fun - but what a spectacular display!

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