Second Grade Field Trips

Below you will find the field trips we have planned for this school year.
You will find anticipated dates, dress, and other needs for each,
along with some links to help you explore the locations before or after the trips.
Hope you find this very helpful!

Special Notes to Parents
The Gloucester trip extends beyond the school day.
We will be leaving at 8:30 A.M. and will not return until 2:30 P.M. or later.

Parents will need to make arrangements to have their children met at school on this day, as
the METCO bus, transportation for after-school care, and crossing guards will not be available.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me.

Credits: All photos taken from location homepages, except where otherwise indicated.

Eastern Point Lighthouse and Hammond Castle
Two important pieces of literature in our Literacy Program
are Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie and Rumpelstiltskin.
To help bring these books to life, our first trip will be
to Gloucester to climb a lighthouse and explore a castle!

Date: First or Second Friday in October
Cost: $12.00 per child
Dress: Casual, sneakers a must -
watch weather reports for details.
Needs: Bring lunch
and two healthful snacks
We will climb a staircase
similar to the one
Abbie climbs in the book!

See more photos of Eastern Point Lighthouse
and learn more at Eastern Point Light.
Across the way, Hammond Castle awaits us. Filled with wonder,
it's sure to inspire us in our own castle building later in the year.

Drawbridge of Hammond Castle

The Great Hall
Learn more at Hammond Castle Museum.

Boston Ballet's Nutcracker
Our next trip is a favorite of the holiday season!
It's guaranteed to delight young and old alike!

Special Note: It is with DEEP regret that I announce there will be NO Nutcracker trips in the future. The Boston Ballet is no longer offering school performances. If you would like to share this wonderful holiday tradition with your child, please see link below.

Date: December
Cost: $15.00 per person
Dress: BEST!
Needs: Bring bag lunch,
disposable drink, and one healthful snack
Learn more about The Nutcracker here.

Wheelock Family Theatre
Building castles and exploring the world of
fairy tales are part of the second grade experience.

Honk is an enchanting comic musical and winner of the 2000 OLIVIER Award for Best Musical. Based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale, "The Ugly Duckling", this musical is packed with sparkling wit, a memorable score, and a dazzling chorus of tap dancing frogs.

Date: February 4th
Cost: $15.00 per child
Dress: Almost BEST!
Needs: Bring bag lunch
Learn more at Wheelock Family Theatre.

Boston Symphony Orchestra
In third grade, students at Peirce may begin to take
music lessons. To help them make decisions, we expose
them to the wonderful world of music. world.
Date: TBA
Cost: $15.00 per child
Dress: BEST!
Needs: Bring bag lunch,
disposable drink
and one healthful snack
Learn more at Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Boston Children's Museum
This field trip is chosen to enhance our study of Japan.

Take off your shoes and step into an authentic two-story silk merchantís home from Kyoto, Japan. This fully equipped Japanese House was reconstructed in Boston by Japanese carpenters. We'll discover Japanese family life, customs, ceremonies, art, architecture and seasonal events in the fully functional 100-year-old house inside the Museum.

Date: First week of May or June
Cost: $500.00 for 2 hour program
Dress: Casual
Needs: Bring bag lunch, disposable drink and one healthful snack

Learn more at the Boston Children's Museum.

Did you know?
The average bus cost is $350 per trip!
We gratefully acknowledge the support of our Peirce PTO
which supports the second grade with monies toward transportation costs.

Bus background by Phyllis's Backgrounds