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About Our Theme
In our class we have a yearly theme. Themes help to build a sense of community and spirit in our classroom and give us a focus for the year. Our theme for the school year 2007-2008 will be Our Fifty Nifty, referring to our 50 great American states.

With our theme we will be:

  • learning about our own community, state, and country
  • learning about our local, state, and federal governments
  • learning about the history behind state quarters
  • earning Peirce Prides to become state senators, lieutenant governors, and governors!
  • participating in Internet projects to learn about other parts of our country
Ray Charles wrote a song entitled "Fifty Nifty"
(your parents may remember it from elementary school!)
The song begins with:

Fifty Nifty United States from thirteen original colonies;
Fifty Nifty stars on the flag that billows so beautifully in the breeze.
Each individual state contributes a quality that is great.
Each individual state deserves a bow, We salute them now.

Each state "contributes a quality that is great," and so does each student in a classroom!

Listen to one fifth grade class sing this song here.

Peirce Prides - On the Way to the State House!
Our yearly theme is tied into a classroom incentive program in which children earn Peirce Prides (PPs) for demonstrating the following:

Artwork by Johnathan

This year the children will begin their learning journey as a STATE REPRESENTATIVE. After 25 PPs they will become a STATE SENATOR. Another 25 Peirce Prides will move them to the level of LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR, and an additional 50 PPs will have them becoming GOVERNOR!

Each child will have her/his own chart on "Our Fifty Nifty" board to keep track of his/her progress on the way to the State House.

Note: It is important to remember that this is NOT a race. It's not about getting there "first", it's about getting there!

Exploring Our Country with Freedom the Bear
A Family Exploration Pack

Freedom, the Bear, will join families on weekends to help them explore our "Fifty Nifty" states. Accompanied by two terrific books and two great dvds, students and families will be asked to enjoy the books and movies, then reflect upon their learning and describe it in a journal.

The Books

Fifty States, One Country is a great book, part of the Newbridge Early Social Studies: Our United States Kit. Learn more here.

Celebrate the 50 States is an informative and fun book by Loreen Leedy.

Both are sure to be enjoyed by both students and parents alike!


The first DVD, This is Our Country, will be required viewing; the second, a Reading Rainbow special entitled From Sea to Shining Sea - Stories from America, will have some required and some optional viewing. Both are filled with important and interesting information about our country. Click on each dvd above to learn more.

State Quizzes and Information
You should find a new fact and photo each time you return to this page.

~ More on State Capitals ~

Rhyme Zone - State Capital Quiz
Match the capital to the state

Interactive Map of the United States
Click on a state to learn its name and capital

Learning Planet

Round 1 - Learn the two letter abbreviation for the states
Round 2 - State capitals
Round 3 - State locations

Try the Capitals (with levels)
or for a real challenge the USA Jigsaw game

Resources for Students
Be sure to also see State Quizzes above.

Print Our Flag
Coloring pages and ways to make flag stickers

KidZone Geography
Find coloring and activity pages for each of the states - nifty!

Postcards from Buster
Awesome site - click on “My Blog” and then choose one of many places in the fifty nifty to learn about.
There are video clips, games, songs, recipes, and much more!

Zoom School - the United States of America
Kid-friendly info about the USA

Quarter Explorer
State Quarter Game from the U.S. Mint - You can explore different groups of state quarters.
So fun, you’ll want to play it many times. You can print out postcards, too!

Cents of Color
Have fun with online coloring of the state quarters.
You can print out your masterpieces, too!

Puzzle Mint
Jigsaw puzzles of all the state quarters! A bit challenging, but fun!
TIP - fill in the borders first. Also, you may want to have your own state quarters in front of you to help with the puzzles.

50 States Quarter Program Kid-friendly info about all the state quarters

Making Cents
A “quarterly” kid-friendly newsletter from the U.S. Mint

Learning About the States at enchantedlearning

Nifty Fifty United States
Student created pages of state symbols by regions. Includes quizzes - VERY GOOD!

Stately Knowledge Facts About the United States
From Internt Public Library - kid-friendly - lots of facts here!

A to Z Kids’ Stuff States
Click on each state for great info, including printable sheets about presidents and other famous people born in that state.

USA Symbols Match Game
This memory game about our American symbols is fun!

National Park Fun
Our national parks work to conserve our natural America.
Use these games to learn more.

Junior Ranger Gazette
Read a publication about the National Parks, especially for “junior rangers”.
Lots of great info!

Massachusetts from enchantedlearning

Massachusetts Kids' Zone - be sure to check out the Ladybug Story!

Fun Facts about the Massachusetts State Symbols

Worldatlas.com - Massachusetts
Great maps and info on our great state

A Guide to Massachusetts
Learn about Massachusetts, then take the Massachusetts Quiz

All Hail Massachusetts
Our state song - be sure to click on midi to hear it!

Massachusetts Senators and Representatives by City and Town

Resources for Teachers and Parents
Be sure to also see the Resources for Students above.

My Beautiful America
This is a MUST see for its beauty! Parents, please view WITH your child.
Special Note: This link is provided for the enjoyment of the viewers. It is in no way an endorsement of any group, organization, or sales promotion.

The Star Spangled Banner Project
Preserving history

National Parks - Experience Your America

50 States Quarter Program
Download excellent and exciting lesson plans for each of the state quarters.
You can even have a State Quarter Day!

U.S. Patriotism Theme from abcteach

Our Fifty States Theme Unit - links

Nifty Fifty States
Lots of links, many of which are perfect to use with students

The Nifty Fifty States
An Internet Hotlist on the Fifty States - be sure to check out "Cool State Stuff"

Tool Box of Links to pages about the states

Postcards from America
Discover America through postcards - great!

Fifty States
Facts about each of the states' capitals and more.

The US 50 - A Guide to the Fifty States

The 50 States from Surfaquarium - lots more links

Fifty Nifty Webquest
Created for fifth grade, but adaptable for other grades

Feet Across America
This site is no longer maintained, but it does have some good resources still available, including listening to the Fifty Nifty song. Fifty Nifty Lyrics

Fun State Facts from the U.S. Census Bureau
Lots of data on population, etc.

How Does Government Affect Me?
A great place to help kids learn how government works.

Worldatlas.com - Massachusetts
Great maps and info on our great state

Mass Moments
Daily almanac about Massachusetts
You can even listen to the information being read, which makes this accessible to all ages. (Note: Some moments may be too graphic for young audiences - Preview first!)

Symbols of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Links
Well organized links to many resources for Massachusetts

State Unit Study - Massachusetts
Links to questions about symbols

A Web Tour of the Massachusetts State House

Inside the Massachusetts State House

Contact the Massachusetts State House

Governor Deval Patrick’s Page

Video about Cape Cod Canal

State Blinkies for your website

Patriotic Music - wavs for downloads, including Fifty Nifty

Discover America Through Books
Find titles such as The Big Massachusetts Activity Book, My First Book About Massachusetts and Massachusetts Jeopardy Game Book. Click on "State Stuff" for titles for your state. Great resource for teachers!

50 States Booklist
A terrific and extensive list created by teacher Marci McGowan

Smart About the Fifty States - great!

Discover America State by State Series
This link will provide student activities for each of the books in this series.

Kid’s Guide to Drawing America Series - excellent!
Publisher says Kindergarten level - NOT TRUE - perfect for grades 1-4

All Aboard America books
All Aboard America takes kids on a fun-filled educational journey that highlights America's national landmarks. The easy-to-read text discusses why each monument was built, its historical significance, the architects involved, construction details, and monument features.

The United States from Buddy Books
These fun, fact-filled books are perfect for young researchers. The history, geography, and people of each state are covered in these books. The text is enhanced with maps, photos, and graphs. Timelines and fast-facts sections reinforce the text. The detailed and well-written books are ideal for both research and entertainment.

From Sea to Shining Sea State Series

This Land is Your Land State Series

Hello USA Series
Details of daily life, history, environmental issues, and more. For grades 3 to 6. 84 pages including index, glossary, pronunciation guide, facts-at-a-glance, historical timeline, places to visit, wildlife, state song, recipes, related books and websites, maps and charts.

All of the following books were found on Kidsread.com - Travel Book Round-Up

WISH YOU WERE HERE: Emily's Guide to the 50 States
by Kathleen Krull, illustrated by Amy Schwartz

Never fear: this guide is not boring fodder for school reports. Emily and her grandmother lead readers briskly and brightly through our 50 states. Each state gets two pages, and instead of learning yawn-inducing facts, we discover where malted milk was first made (Racine, Wisconsin), read goofy quotations, and look at interesting, accessible maps. Emily rides horses and milks cows, and her Grandma wears a series of state-appropriate hats.

STUCK ON THE U.S.A.: Fascinating Facts About the 50 States
by Gus Alavezos

This nifty trivia book includes eye-opening information on each state as well as a sturdy folder to collect and display the 50 new Statehood Quarters (5 new designs are released each year).

by Scott Sullivan

Tease your brain with these detailed mazes, one in the shape of each state. Puzzle fans rejoice! The key cities and capitals are also marked on each maze, so you'll learn while you play.

by Loreen Leedy

Loreen Leedy's wonderful illustrations accompany fun facts and basic info. For each state, Leedy includes a map, notable places, state birds and flowers, and more.


by Joan Holub

This book tells you how and where to find real treasure lost or left behind by soldiers, pirates, miners, pioneers and all kinds of other people. Really! From sunken treasure in the Great Lakes, to coins that wash up on Florida beaches, you'll see where $300 billion of booty can be found.

THE KIDS' BOOK OF THE 50 GREAT STATES: A State-By-State Scrapbook Filled With Facts, Maps, Puzzles, Poems, Photos, and More!
written by kids, published by Scholastic

Kids like you from all 50 states contributed to this collection. On this cross-country tour you'll find fun facts, photos of landmarks, jokes, maps and tons of other fun stuff, written by the kids who know it best.

Nifty Plates from the Fifty States: Take a Ride Across Our Great Nation: Learn About the States from Their License Plates!
Ms. Jacoby's pick for a great holiday gift!

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