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Jennifer Wagner is back in 2006 with her wonderful Frootloops to the Max Internet Project.

Here is the hypothesis of the project from Jennifer: "It is our hypothesis that, at the end of this project, the color appearing MOST in FrootLoops boxes will be RED!"

It is our job to prove or disprove this hypothesis!
Read on to learn about our work!

Our Work
Step 1 - Hypothesis, Sort and Count

First we discussed what a hypothesis is. After learning the hypothesis of the project, the children found it was their job to prove or disprove it.

Each child received a 5 oz. cupful of cereal from an 11 oz. box of Froot Loops. They had to sort colors (including broken) and count their own.
Step 2 - Table Counts

Our next step was to find Table Counts. Each person at a table had to report on the number s/he had of that color. Number strings (see photo below left) were created and sums of each color at each table were found, then checked on calculators.
Step 3 - Class Counts

Our final step was to get Class Totals. Each table reported out on color totals. New number strings were written on the board (see photo above right) and, using calculators, sums were found. As you can see from our totals above - we had PROVED the Project's hypothesis. There ARE more RED in a box of Froot Loops! (At least in ours - smile!)

Here are two ways to look at our data:

We're anxious to learn about others' findings!
You have to check out the findings of Mrs. Kielty's Second Grade in Swampscott, MA.
Their results were very similar to ours - including the EXACT same count of red!


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