The Flat Gingerbread Project
Second grade teacher, Pam Elliott,
is hosting a fun and exciting Internet project,
The Flat Gingerbread Project.
This project allows participants to learn about many wonderful places in our great U.S. of A. by decorating gingerbread boys and girls in a manner that reflects something special about their communities. Once created, these specially clad lads and lasses will "run away" to fellow participants.
Read on to learn more...

To keep track of all our gingerbread friends, we will be using a bulletin board with a large United States map and lots of "Flat Gingerbread Map Markers". Each time we receive a ginger friend, we will put up one of the map markers with the state's name. Then our gingerbread friend will go into our Flat Gingerbread Friends Book (a presentation book purchased at Staples).

Feel free to download the image to the right to your own computer, make a page with multiple images, then print out multiple copies on heavy paper/cardstock, and cut out to use yourself. :-)

As ginger friends began to arrive in our classroom, excitement began to mount. Each time one came in the mail, another "Map Marker" was added to our large U.S. map.

During December we share family traditions in our classroom. Winston's mom came in to share their special tradition of making edible gingerbread ornaments. She showed how they make them and shared her recipe. She brought yummy ginger boys and girls for the children to munch on as she read Gingerbread Baby to the class. This experience was the perfect introduction for the project's work.

~ Creating Our Flat Ginger Friends ~
To prepare for the project, I duplicated a blank ginger friend template onto white cardstock. Then we investigated our state's symbols. Here is a great resource for every state: U.S. Map and State Symbols at Enchanted Learning. We decided to include five symbols of our state/town on our ginger friends:
  1. A ladybug designed shirt ~ The ladybug is our state insect, plus our class theme this year is LADYBUGS!
  2. Make Way for Ducklings book ~ our state children's book
  3. A red dot nose ~ to symbolize a cranberry. Cranberry juice is our state beverage and the cranberry is our state berry. Cranberries are one of the important crops of Massachusetts
  4. Our State Flag
  5. An Uncle Sam hat ~ Uncle Sam (Samuel Wilson) was born in our town, Arlington, Massachusetts
The children then got to work creating our ginger friends. First they designed the clothes, beginning with an MA (our state's abbreviation) belt. They could create anything they liked, as long as they made a top with a ladybug on it. Next we colored all the exposed "gingerbread" parts with Crayola Multicultural markers. Lastly, they made faces using press-a-ply dots and reinforcements. They chose an "Uncle Sam" hat (from over-sized stickers), added the book and our state flag. Here are two examples of our work...

It was then time to get our friends ready to "run away". The children chose states to which they'd like their creations to travel. Then I made multiple copies of the address pages Ms. Elliott included in the project packet and circled each child's address choice. The children copied the addresses, kissed their friends "goodbye" and sealed them into their envelopes. We also included a letter from our class. To read our letter, click here. The children became very attached to their creations, so we took pictures of them with their ginger friends before we sent them off. If you'd like to learn more about the symbols on our ginger friends, try these links below:
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