Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
Life Science Learning Standards Addressed

Our "Flower Power" theme is aligned with the following learning standards. The learner will:
  • Recognize that animals (including humans) and plants are living things that grow, reproduce, and need food, air, and water.

  • Recognize that plants and animals have life cycles, and that life cycles vary for different living things.

  • Describe ways in which many plants and animals closely resemble their parents in observed appearance.

  • Recognize changes in appearance that animals and plants go through as the seasons change.

  • Identify the ways in which an organism's habitat provides for its basic needs (plants require air, water, nutrients, and light; animals require food, water, air, and shelter).

  • Identify the structures in plants (leaves, roots, flowers, stem, bark, wood) that are responsible for food production, support, water transport, reproduction, growth, and protection.

  • Recognize that plants and animals go through predictable life cycles that include birth, growth, development, reproduction, and death.

  • Recognize plant behaviors, such as the way seedlings' stems grow toward light and their roots grow downward in response to gravity.
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