~ Fraction Action ~
Here are some places to go to learn more about fractions while having some fun!
Don't forget your Explain the Game sheet!

Special Note to Teachers: Scroll down to the bottom for some resources just for you.

~ For Students ~
Fraction Flags 1
Halves and Quarters
Fraction Flags 2
Pizza Party
What fraction of pizza is left?
Cross the River
Identify fractions to help the character to cross the river
Melvin’s Make a Match

Equivalent Fractions
Match Fractions
Match the picture to its fraction
to reveal a photo
Fraction Animation
What is a fraction?
Understanding Fractions
Exploring Fractions with Shapes
Bowling for Fractions - Excellent!!

~ For Teachers ~
Math Literature
Printable version of
Fraction Animation

Very basic
Fraction Games
(Teacher Resource)
Scroll down for fractions
Fraction Lesson Plans
from atozteacherstuff
Fraction Games
Instructions for creating two
E manipulatives
Preview how you can use these with your students. For example, children can divide shapes into fractions
Fraction Worksheets
(showing equivalent fractions)
Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Lots of Fraction Resources
from abcteach
(mostly upper grades)
Create Your Own Graph Paper
Generate any size! Terrific!
Generate Math Assessments
Here is one I generated on fractions.

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