Team Groundhog
An Internet Project
Team Groundhog is an Internet project which involves sharing weather data from across the U.S.A. It is modeled after the first and long-running Project Groundhog, originating in Canada.

In January of 2004 it seemed that Project Groundhog headquarters had closed for the season. A number of teachers who had participated before and knew the benefits of the project began e-mailing one another, seeking information. When it looked like it would not be a go up in Canada, some teachers decided to form their own team. Our Team Groundhog is back for another year and is comprised of a group of dedicated teachers from across the country. Go Team!!!!

The project kicks off on Groundhog Day, February 2nd, with the guiding question being "Is the groundhog a good predictor of weather?". Classes will vote on names for their groundhogs, then check to see if their shadows are seen. Over the next six weeks, they will collect daily temperature data, average it and share it weekly with the team. In the seventh and final week of the project, classes will vote as to whether they feel the groundhog was a good predictor of weather.
Getting Started Links
Special thanks to Project Groundhog
Letter to Parent
Introduces project

Weather Charts
For children to keep track of data

Groundhog Stick Puppets
To check for shadows
on Groundhog Day
pdf format

Groundhog Day Booklist

Noble Web: Groundhog Day
Good background info and links

On-going Project Links
We're using the calendar from the original project, but remember it's ONLY a guide!

Team Groundhog Data Page
Meet the Team, view our temperatures

Teacher Resources
From the original Project Groundhog

Groundhog Day
at Enchanted Learning

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