Team Groundhog 2005 ~ Highlights

February 2, 2005 ~ Groundhog Day ~ The Kick-Off
The first order of business was naming our groundhog. Many creative names were suggested and all were written on the board. Votes were cast, ballots were submitted, and after the tally, Willy C. ("Will he see") was our winning name. Sparky came in second, so that become Willy C's little friend's name.
Before we even left the classroom,
we knew the bad news, as Willy C's and Sparky's
shadows spread across our tables!
Newsflash...Arlington, Massachusetts...Willy C. and Sparky see shadows...six more weeks of winter!...Outside, the bad news was confirmed. Shadows everywhere!!!

We had made shadow puppets and were trying to find ways we could make
the longest and shortest shadows. Our long shadows were longer than our rulers!
Names and news of shadow sightings began to arrive from our teammates.
Many places were lucky enough to see NO shadows!
To see a Photo Gallery of our groundhog friends, click here.
Week 1 ~ Weather Data Collection Begins
Kelly Lynch, Mr. Prickles Brown, and her students from Brush, Colorado used a very creative way to document their weekly weather data. See how they used Kidpix to create weather charts here.
Week 2 ~ Happy Valentine's Day
Willy C. has helped us make a special Valentine activity for our teammates.
It's called Home is Where the Heart Is, and you can see it here and here.

All our teammates sent terrific valentines, as well!

Week 3 ~ Let's Get Creative
First up in the Creative Department was Pam Elliott and Spikes
from Windsor, Maine with their jigsaw puzzles.
Be sure to check for your own little groundhog as a puzzle!

Next came Roberta Gray and The Austinburg Groundhogs of Austinburg, Ohio
with dioramas, mobiles, and sculptures. You can view their creations here.

For these cinquains we listed a WORDBANK that described the groundhog

Afraid Small
Hibernated Claws Burrows
Mammal Digger Rodent Brown

by Darren

Mammal Burrows
Brown Small Afraid
Furry Claw Digger Rodent

by Aaron

Afraid Small
Brown Rodent Claws
Mammal Hiberivore Hibernater Furry

by Mariah

Furry Afraid
Burrows Claws Herbivore
Animal Rodent Digger Mammal

by Jeremy

Furry Hibernate
Brown Afraid Mammal
Digs Claws Rodent Animal

by Katelyn

It's getting colder here rather than warmer for the week! We had 24-27" of snow yesterday!

Brownie pulled the shade up on his burrow window only to see the snow level with the window base. He had heard the wind howl and sensed a heavy snow. He shook his head and climbed back into bed. He hopes that soon winter will be over as March brings SPRING!

~ Rosemary Harris

Week 4 ~ Groundhog Research
Roberta Gray and the Austinburg Groundhogs are at it again! See all their research here.
Week 5 ~ How do we know when it's Spring?
The Austinburg Groundhogs may be adorable, but Roberta Gray and her second graders in Ohio are not too sure that they are great at predicting the weather! Like many of us in the North, they are ready to say "goodbye" to Winter! They put together a great list of Signs of Spring. Be sure to check it out!

Brownie and the students in Ms. Harris' class in Gowanda, NY, are certainly poetic!
Take a look at their wonderful poem welcoming Spring!

Good-bye boots.
Good-bye mittens.
Good-bye hats.

Good-bye snow.
Good-bye snowsuits.
Good-bye shovels.

Hello robins.
Hello frogs.
What a wonderful site!

Hello butterflies.
Hello rainbows.
Good-bye winter.

More budding poets in Brush, Colorado!
Read the acrostics from Mrs. Lynch's class here.

Week 6 ~ Final Voting
In Arlington, Massachusetts it wasn't difficult for us to vote about Willy C's and Sparky's
abilities as weather forecasters. Just take a look at our data:
(Graph created at Create-a-Graph.)

Other team members, however, did not feel our furry friends did such as good a job!

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