Team Groundhog 2006
Team Groundhog 2006 is back! We've hosted this great project for the past two years, but this year it will be hosted by one of our teammates, Roberta Gray.
Name our Groundhog and Shadow Check

Our first job was to name our groundhog. We had many interesting names, such as Poptart, but Burrow came in first in votes, with Mario and Shady close behind.

Our next job was to go outside on February 2, 2006 and check for shadows. We had made groundhog stick puppets to help us with shadow checks. Once outside, the bad news was confirmed. Burrow, Mario, and Shady saw their shadows - there would be six more weeks of winter!

We shared our findings with the Switlik School in Jackson, NJ. Click here to see the data they received.

Our groundhog friends - Meet our Teammates here.

An optional activity this week was to send along a description of our community. You can see ours here, and those of the Team here. A fun way to learn more about Arlington, MA is through our Town Mouse, Town Mouse Book (done for our Mouse Tales Project).
Week 1 - Tracking Temperature Data
During Week 1 we began daily recording of our outside temperature, both in Fahrenheit and Celsius. These would be averaged weekly and sent to the Team. See our Team data here.
Week 2 - Tracking Temperature Data and Valentines
In Week 2 we continue with daily recording of our outside temperatures, and send Team valentines. You can view Burrow's valentine here, and those from our Team members here.

Newsflash...February 12, 2006...Boston area, including Arlington, MA, hit with blizzard...Schools closed on Monday, February 13th...

Week 3 - On Vacation
Week 3 brought our February vacation AND MORE SNOW!
Week 4-6 - Tracking Temperatures and Voting
In Weeks 4-6 we continued to track daily temperatures. Using calculators, we also learned how to find the average temperature for each week.

Our final job was to decide whether or not we thought Burrow had been a good predictor of the weather.

Since we had mostly cold temperatures and a BLIZZARD since Groundhog Day, it was not surprising that the class voted UNANIMOUSLY that YES, Burrow was a good predictor!

Here is a line graph of our data:

Thanks, Team, for another great Groundhog Project!
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