Where in the U.S.A. is the Gingerbread Man?

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About the Project
Mrs. Fryer's 1st grade class in Long Grove, Illinois is missing their gingerbread man! In December, the class received a gingerbread man to take care of after they read a story about the gingerbread man and did a lot of fun activities. Where did he run? Did he visit us? Read on!

Mrs. Fryer is hosting this Internet project filled with fun and learning. To learn more about it, click here. To learn what the Gingerbread Man looks like and what he carries with him in his travels, click here. Want some copies of the Gingerbread Man? Click here.

The Gingerbread Man's Travels
DateSchool/TeacherLocationPopulationMiles TraveledWhat's Happening?
12/02Mrs. Fryer's 1st Grade Kildeer SchoolLong Grove, Illinois4,7400The gingerbread man began his journey in Mrs. Fryer's class. Where will his travels take him?
12/10/02Ms. Jacoby's Second Grade Peirce SchoolArlington, Massachusetts44630 861 miles (as the crow flies)He is joining the class on a field trip to the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker.
on his way
Mrs. Elliott's Second Grade Windsor ElementaryWindsor, Maine???153 miles???

The Gingerbread Man's Visit
The Gingerbread Man arrived just in time for our preparations for our field trip to the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker. To help us enjoy the beautiful dances of the Sugarplum Fairy we were making sugarplums!

The Gingerbread Man thought the sugarplums were delicious!! To learn about real sugarplums and read our recipe so you can make your own, see our Sugarplums Page.
The Gingerbread Man LOVED all his "nutty" new friends. He couldn't decide who was his favorite!

He was so excited about seeing the actual ballet that he could hardly sleep! Maybe he had visions of sugarplums dancing in his head :-)
To learn about all the details of the Gingerbread Man's visit, see the Gingerbread Man's Blog.

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