Saying Goodbye to Hugs
Huggable and happy
Unique with an unbelievable trick
Great guinea pig
Sweet, soft, and, oh, so missed...

Hugs was one of our two wonderful classroom guinea pigs. As a baby, she came to live in our classroom in the fall of 2002. Her official name was Hugs III, third in a line of guinea pigs named "Hugs". She was sweet, friendly, simply adorable, and very much loved by all of us. She also had an amazing trick - whenever you gave her one of her favorite treats, she would stand up on her back legs and beg like a dog!

Sadly, she became ill in April 2005, and despite many attempts to nurse her back to health, including trips to the vet, she passed on May 19, 2005.

There were, oh, so many tears in our classroom on the morning of May 20, 2005, as I shared the bad news with the class. In trying to deal with our sadness and loss, the children drew pictures and wrote about our special pet. Here are some of their thoughts.
Dear Hugs,
I will miss you soooo much. You were such a great guinea pig. I loved when you did your tricks.
Hugs was a very good guinea pig. She was just so nice and cuddly. Hugs did a trick just so amazing. When she saw a carrot about to be given to her, she would stand on her hind legs and wait.
To: Hugs
Love: Rikki
Dear Hugs,
We all miss you very much. You were a great guinea pig. We had so much fun with you and we will always love you. I am very sad that you are gone, but you are always with us.
Love, Molly XOXOXO
Dear Hugs,
You were an awesome class pet, and we will all miss you very much.
Dear Hugs,
I'll miss you soooo much You were a sweet, kind, loving guinea pig. I want to say goodbye, Hugs, I'll miss you.

Dear Hugs,
You are a very nice guinea pig.
I love you!

Why did you have to go? I miss you. You were special and you still are now,

Why did you have to leave Ms. Jacoby? It was not meant for you to die.
From, Rickey

Dear Hugs,
I miss you.
From, Ilana

Dear Hugs,
I miss you! You were a great class pet. You were funny the way you stood on your hind legs like a dog. You were soft and furry.

I love Hugs and Kisses. I liked the trick that you did. It was amazing.

Dear Hugs,
I heard about you and I'm very sad. I hope you are good in heaven.
From, Wes

Dear Hugs,
We will miss you so, so, so much
From, Nicolas

Dear Hugs,
You were a great guinea pig.
Hugs, Eric

Dear Hugs,
You did the best trick. I loved you very much!
To: Hugs
From: Gabriel

I love you.
Why did you have to go, Hugs?
From, Sachy

I think we all feel that way, Sachy!
We love you, Hugs, and you'll always be in our hearts!
XOXOXO, Ms. Jacoby

by Nicholas