Internet Projects
From Literacy to Math to Science to Social Studies, our Internet projects challenged us, enlightened us, and connected us to our world.
Oh, the Places We'll Go
Learn about Eastern Point Lighthouse
and read our wonderful collaborative poetry
inspired by this project by Marci McGowan
Cinderella Around the World
There are so many Cinderella tales!
Learn about the elements of a Cinderella story.
See our work for the project here.
Powder's Visit
With the Olympics in Salt Lake City,
our class enjoyed a visit from one of the mascots!
Catch the Olympic Spirit!
Watching the Torch Relay was a thrill of a lifetime!
Our class caught the spirit by giving reports
on the winter sports, then voting for our favorite.
The Angel Project
The tragedy of September 11th greatly affected us all. Our class showed our concern by creating special quilt blocks which were given to victims' families and workers at Ground Zero.
The Flat Stanley Project
Based upon the book by Jeff Brown,
we had several Flat Stanleys visit our class this year.
Frosty Readers 2002
This project, created by Susan Silverman and Pattie Knox, had us creating mittens and asking second graders in Wisconsin to recreate them based on our descriptions alone. Truly amazing! Please take a look!
Project Groundhog 2002
Is the groundhog a good predictor of weather?
See what our class found.
Snowy Math
We think Math is cool so we joined this project which asked us to create and illustrate math problems with a wintry theme!
Jellybeans 2002
What color do you find most often in a bag of jellybeans?
Graph Goodies
Explore the world of graphs with this
interactive project by Susan Silverman.
Spring Into Life!
In another great project by Susan Silverman and Pattie Knox, we learn about bulbs and compare them with seeds.
That's What Happens When It's Spring!
Based on the book of the same name, this project had us creating remarkable descriptive paragraphs. Another wonderful project from Marci McGowan
Rumpelstiltskin Cyberdictionary
Rumpelstiltskin is an important piece of our literacy program. Read our retelling and learn the ABC's of this fairy tale.
Classroom Pet Exchange
Exchanging stuffed pets with classes in Tennessee and Illinois allowed us to learn about different states and work on our journal writing skills.
Learning about communities through a "flat" egg exchange
50 Postcard Exchange
Although we didn't receive all 50,
we had fun learning lots about our great country.
Class Connect 2001
E-pals from Manchester, England
Graphic purchased from Cute Colors
To Window to Our World
To Days at Frog and Toad Road