2nd Grade Japan Resources
Title Author F/NF  
  A Day in Japan Daniel Moreton NF  
* A Visit to Japan Peter Roop and Connie Roop GR - Lvl  N  
  Animal Origami Fumiaki Shingu NF Robbins
  At the Plate with Ichiro Matt Christopher BIO  
  Basho and the Fox (Haiku) Tim Myers F - Trad Primary Source
  Basho and the River Stones  (Haiku) Tim Myers F - Trad Primary Source
* Chibi - A True Story from Japan  (Make Way for Ducklings) Barbara Brenner and Julia Takaya F - Trad Primary Source
* Colors of Japan Holly Littlefield NF Robbins
  Cooking the Japanese Way Reiko Weston NF Robbins
* Count Your Way Through Japan Jim Haskins NF Robbins
  Countries Around the World - Japan VIDEO NF Primary Source
  Families of Japan VIDEO NF Primary Source
  Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Japan Virginia Haviland F - Trad Primary Source
  Festivals in My Heart - Poems in My Heart Bruno Navasky Poetry Primary Source
  Food and Festivals - Japan Teresa Fisher NF Primary Source
  Grandfather's Journey Allen Say RF Robbins
  Horrorgami (Origami) Steve and Megumi Biddle NF Primary Source
  How My Parents Learned to Eat Ina R. Friedman RF - Info Robbins
  I Live in Tokyo (by month) Mari Takabayashi RF - Info Robbins
  If I Lived in Japan Rosanne Knorr RF - Info Primary Source
  Japan - Countries of the World (Nat'l Geographic) Charles Phillips NF Robbins
  Japan - Country Connections Joanne Mattern NF  
  Japan - Discovering Cultures Robert Reiser NF Robbins
  Japan - Enchantment of the World Ann Heinrichs NF Robbins
  Japan - On the Map David Flint NF Robbins
* Japan - The Culture Bobbie Kalman NF Pri S / CM Kit - Getting Aquainted
* Japan - The Land Bobbie Kalman NF Pri S / CM Kit - Getting Aquainted
* Japan - The People Bobbie Kalman NF Pri S / CM Kit - Getting Aquainted
  Japanese - phrase book & dictionary Berlitz NF  
  Japanese Children's Day and the Obon Festival Dianne MacMillan NF  
* Japanese Children's Favorite Stories Compiled by Florence Sakade F - Trad CM Kit - Getting Aquainted
  Kamishibai Man Allen Say F - Life CM Kit - Getting Aquainted
  Konnichiwa  (A Day in the Life of a Japanese Girl) Tricia Brown NF Primary Source
  Lilly and the Wooden Bowl Yorikolto F - Trad Primary Source
* Look What Came From Japan Miles Harvey NF  
* Make It Work - Japan Halsam & Doran NF - Crafts Primary Source
  Make It Work - Old Japan Halsam & Doran NF - Crafts Robbins
  Momotaro, The Peach Boy (Kamishibai Play) Miyoko Matsutami F - Trad CM Kit - Getting Aquainted
  Obon Ruth Suyenaga RF - Info Primary Source
  One Leaf Rides the Wind (Haiku and Counting) Celeste Davidson Mannis Poetry  
  Origami in the Classroom Chiyo Araki NF - Crafts Robbins
  Picture a Country Henry Pluckrose NF  
  Postcards from Japan Zoe Dawson NF  
  Sayonara Mrs. Kackleman Maira Kalman F - Life  
  Shibumi and the Kitemaker Mercer Meyer F - Trad Robbins
  Sky Sweeper Phillis Gershator F - Trad Robbins
  Spread Your Wings and Fly  (Origami) Mary Chloe F - Trad Primary Source
  Suki's Kimono Chieri Uegaki RF  
  Tea With Milk   (Theme w/ war) Allen Say RF - Life Robbins
  The Crane Wife Odds Bodkin F - Trad Primary Source
  The Hugriest Boy in the World Lensey Namioka F - Trad Robbins
  The Joy of Origami Toshie Takahama NF Robbins
  The Magic Fan Keith Baker F - Trad Robbins
  The Paper Crane Molly Bang F - Trad  
  The Seven Gods of Luck David Kudler F - Trad Robbins
  The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks Leo & Diane Dillon F - Trad  
  The Usborne Book of Origami O'Brien & Needham NF Robbins
  The Usborne Internet-Linked First Thousand Words in Japanese Amery & Cartwright NF Robbins
  The Wakame Gatherers Holly Thompson F - Life  
  The Way We Do It in Japan Geneva Cobb Iijima F - Life CM Kit - Getting Aquainted
  Things to Make * Activities * Facts Richard and Sheila Tames Crafts Primary Source
  Three Samurai Cats - A Story from Japan Eric A. Kimmel F - Trad  
  Tokyo Friends Betty Reynolds F - Life Primary Source
  Travel Through Japan - Come On A Journey of Discovery Joe Fullman NF  
  Under the Cherry Blossom Tree Allen Say F - Trad Primary Source
  Welcome to Japan Alison Auch NF  
* We're From Japan  Vic Parker GR - Lvl L Primary Source
  Where Are You Going?  To See My Friend! Eric Carle F - Tale CM Kit - Getting Aquainted
  Yoko Rosemary Wells F - Life  
  Yoshi's Feast Kimiko Kajikaw F - Life Robbins
  Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers  (Haiku) Gloria Whelan F - Haiku  
* Suggested for Basic Library