Inspired by Ladybugs
Student Creations
Our ladybug theme is inspiring many of the children to independently create books and pictures about our cute little friends. Here is a place to share some of the children's endearing creations. Check back often to see what we've added.
The Ladybug Book
Illustrations and story by Winston

Once upon a time a ladybug was flying and it spied another ladybug. The ladybug that was flying landed. They said "hi" to each other. They went for a fly. They had lots of fun. They played games. It was getting dark. They said, "Bye, we'll meet here tomorrow." They both agreed.
Keep the Lights Burning, Ladybugs
by Paul

Once upon a tme there was a big ladybug and a small ladybug. "When can I help you take care of the lighthouse?" "Never, you're too small."
"No, I'm not."

One day the big ladybug was watching the Weather Channel.
The weatherman said big water waves were coming.

The next day the big ladybug was sick. The big waves came. The big ladybug said, "Keep the lights burning, Little Ladybug."

So the little ladybug flew out.
The ladybug saw a ship was in trouble and saved it.

The End
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