Learning About

Learning about ladybugs is loads of fun.
Use the links below to enter the world of this beautiful and beneficial insect.

Massachusetts' Kids' Zone
Learn how the ladybug became Massachusetts' state insect and much more!
The Ladybug Story
Get the story online from the school whose second grade made it happen!
from Enchanted Learning
Lots of information, craft ideas, and more!
Discover Learning Presents Ladybugs
A Web Journey - great information, perfect for elementary children
from Earth's Birthday Project

Try design your own ladybug
Lots and lots and lots of links!
eThemes - Animals: Ladybugs - Some great links to explore!
~~~Especially for Teachers~~~
Lady Beetle Teacher's Kit
A set of six lessons
on the ladybug
Ladybug Thematic Unit
Great info
from Susan Seagraves
Ladybug Resources
From abcteach
Going Buggy!...Ladybugs
From KinderKorner
Tunia's Travels
An Internet Project
Tunia is a traveling ladybug from a second grade class in Rhode Island. Great fun and learning!
~~Ladybug Fun and Games ~ Especially for Kids~~
Ladybug Breakdown!
Ladybug Lander
Ladybug Coloring Pages
Ladybug Games
The Ladybug Boggie!
Fly Away HOME!