-Ladybug Metamorphosis-
-Ladybug Life Cycle-
The ladybug has four major stages to its metamorphosis:
1.Egg 2.Larva 3.Pupa 4.Adult
Learn more about the ladybug life cycle here.
Try these Ladybug Life Cycle Cards to Print.

We watched the metamorphosis of ladybugs in our classroom!!!!
It was TRULY amazing! Scroll down to learn more.
See Lucky Ladybugs to learn about our Student Metamorphosis!

~ Raising and Releasing Ladybugs ~
I wanted the children to not just read about the life cycle of the ladybug, but to experience it, so I ordered "Ladybug Land" online from Insectlore. Ladybug Land arrived with about a dozen larva and everything they needed. The larva were amazing. To me they looked like Indian corn with legs!
A little over a week later the larvae attached themselves to the sides of Ladybug Land, each transforming into a pupa. For the next week we could see the ladybugs forming inside.

Then not quite a week later there were LADYBUGS!!
At first they were very pale, but as hours went on their colors deepened.

It was hard to keep our eyes off of them, they were SO interesting!
A few days later it was time to release our friends. We took them outside near some plants and watched as they climbed a stalk of grass to the top of Ladybug Land, paused for a moment and then flew off. Many of them flew back and - to squeals of delight - landed in the children's hair and on their clothes!

Here's one who returned
to land on Maura's sweater!

To sweeten this wonderful experience, Winston's mom made these INCREDIBLE ladybug cookies. Each child enjoyed his/her own package as we witnessed this miracle of nature!
A Note from Ms. Jacoby
I would HIGHLY recommend the ladybug experience to teachers, parents, or care-givers who wish to explore Life Cycles with children. It was easy, fun, and VERY educational. I would DEFINITELY do it again.

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