Lucky Charms
A One-Day Internet Project

About the Project
Jennifer Wagner, host of such projects as Frootloops to the Max and Alpha-Bits has created this one day PreK-3 sorting project with one of a child's favorite cereals ~ Lucky Charms.

Our Work
We had been involved with the Alpha-Bits project, which was similar to this project. This time I wanted to see how INDEPENDENTLY the children could approach this. I showed them a blank Lucky Charms bar graph and the box of Lucky Charms and asked what they thought we would be doing.

Several children volunteered that they would be counting the marshmallows and should separate (group or sort) them by shapes! Then they would create a bar graph of their findings. This was exactly what we would be doing! I passed out cups of Lucky Charms and they began their work.

Sorting the marshmallows

Individual bar graphs are then created with the data.

The next step would be to find how many we had at each table. We would make number strings for each group of shapes and calculate their sums.

Our final step would be to create a table putting together ALL our data. We did this collaboratively. I entered data from each group on an overhead, while children copied and created their own tables. We then used various strategies (such as, make a ten, counting tens first) to add the numbers. Some were tricky, so we checked our answers with calculators (we were 100% correct!). Here are two ways to look at our data:

Our day ended with a very special treat...a visit from Shannon's mom who happens to be from Ireland!

She told us a grand tale about leprechauns and fairies with the beautiful Riverdance music playing in the background!

With her terrific hat to enhance the tale, it was simply marvelous!

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