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Math can be lots of fun, especially if you're using the computer!
Use the links below to practice your facts and explore the world of Math!

Practice Your Facts!
The following four links are simply FABULOUS and FUN!
Check them out!
Sum Sense Addition
Sum Sense Subtraction
Sum Sense Multiplication
Sum Sense Division

A+ Math flashcards
Includes flashcard creator
for creating flashcards to print out

Math Mania for Kids - Practice Your Facts
Great site created by fourth graders,
kids who love dogs will LOVE this practice!

Math Cats Fact Family Cards
(we can't leave the kitties out!)
AWESOME! A must see and make - all operations included
Please check out this site!

School Bell Fact Families
This is a great way for students to learn their facts!

Math Fact Cafe
Click on a category, then on appropriate grade
Lots here, you can create your own sheets, too

Math Baseball
From funbrain.com

Ready for some offline practice?
Math Worksheets
Try these printable worksheets -
Beware of pop-ups,
but lots of choices; also included in themes

Surf the Net with Kids Printable Flashcards
Here you will find links to help you make and print flashcards for math facts and more.

AuthorJan Brett has created a number
of printable sets of flashcards featuring
many of the characters from her books.
Addition Flash Cards
Subraction Flash Cards
Multiplication Flash Cards
Division Flash Cards

AAA Math
All grades K-8 - includes facts and much more!
Explanation of concept, followed by practice - terrific resource!

Math Fun and Games
Mrs. McGowan's Fact Families Page
Learning facts through families is one great strategy for kids. First grade teacher, Marci McGowan has put together a number of ideas from teachers for practicing this skill.

Addition and Subtraction Puzzles
From author Jan Brett, these are meant
to be printed out and cut apart to create
puzzle games especially for K and 1

AAA Math - Games, Puzzles, and Riddles
Get a tutorial on concepts, do some practice,
and play some games. Great site!

Math Mania for Kids
Great site created by fourth graders
Includes math tips for kids

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families

Math Cats
Just a super site to get kids excited about Math

Cool Math 4 Kids
Loads of fun games

Classroom Games
But not just for the classroom!

The Arithmetic Arcade
Extremely challenging,
definitely for our intermediate grades,
but lots of interactive math, try... Build a Bug!
very challenging, but fun!

Storyville Math
Created by second graders for second graders
Lots of fun word problems based on second grade literature
For those looking for MORE

It's About Time!
Great games and more for practicing telling time!

Math, Math, and More Math!
Even more Math links from Mrs. McGowan
Do you have a favorite Math site
you'd like to share?

Please email me and I'll add it to our page.

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