Monthly Math Facts
It's time to learn your math facts!

~ A Special Note to Parents ~
Our second grade Math program, TERC Investigations, emphasizes lots of creative math thinking and problem solving. The program is supplemented with daily practice in Math 4 Today. There are, however, some basics that your child will need to know to make computation easier. Learning math facts is one of these basics.

I have divided the learning of facts into monthly chunks. If you find that your child has mastered a certain month's facts, please feel free to continue onto the next month's group. I have created simple pages so that they may be easily printed for use at home.

I hope you and your child find these helpful - I can't wait to have a room full of Master Math Facts Champs!
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10 Facts
Tens Trick

11 Facts
12 Facts

13 Facts
December - Review Month - Enjoy online practice!

14 Facts
15 Facts

16, 17 and
18 Facts

100 Facts Test
Multiplication Facts
with 0

Multiplication Facts
with 1 and 2

Multiplication Facts
with 5
100 Facts Test
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