Story Problem Resources
Here are some resources to assist parents in helping their children with story problems.
Although all the sites listed here are useful, a indicates those particularly helpful.
Below are the steps we use to solve all story problems.

Steps to Solving Story Problems
1. Read the problem.
2. Visualize the problem.
(Get a picture in your mind of what is happening.)
3. Write the equation.
4. Solve the problem. (There are many different ways.)
5. Explain your thinking.
6. Write the answer in the equation.
7. Write a final sentence that answers the question.

Investigations - Our Math Program
For Parents - Learn about our program here

Word Problem Solving Strategies
Important - both children and parents should view examples together

Aunty Math Problem Solving Strategies
Another look at strategies appropriate for second graders to use in solving problems

What are some strategies I can use?
Let's pretend that this is our problem: We planted 18 daffodils. Then we planted another 18 daffodils. How many daffodils did we plant? Equation: 18+18=__
I can draw pictures in groups to help me.
I can move two from the bottom row to make 3 rows of ten
Then I can count by tens and ones, and my answer is 36.
We planted 36 daffodils.
I can use objects, such as unifix cubes, buttons, pennies, or cheerios.

I would group them as I did my pictures, and use the same process.

Move objects to make complete rows of ten. Then count by tens and ones. Answer=36
We planted 36 daffodils.

Breaking Apart Numbers
(Expanded Notation)

I can break apart the numbers.


We planted 36 daffodils.

Vertical Equation
I can place the numbers on top of one another. Then add them.

I would add the ones 8+8=16, and leave the 6 in the ones place. Then I would regroup the ten with the other tens for 1 ten + 1 ten + 1 ten for a total of 3 tens. My answer would be 36.

We planted 36 daffodils.

Note to parents: Unless your child truly understands what that 1 means added to the tens, please do not use this strategy.

Storyville Math
These are terrific - created by second graders for second graders
I recommend checking out the books as well - a great way to combine Math and Reading

Math Cats - Math Story Problems
More problems written by kids for kids - solve online or with worksheets
The children will LOVE how the answers magically appear in the online version.
Fabulous!!! Be sure to check this one out!

All of the following are samples from Edhelper which is a subscription site.
You will need to copy and paste the problems into a word processor or read from screen.
Sample Math Stories 1
Sample Math Stories 2
Sample Math Stories 3
Sample Math Stories 4

Aunty Math
Lots of great thinking, but some of the problems are very challenging for second graders
Parental involvement would be helpful.

KidZone Word Problems
Choose grade 2 or other grades to print out worksheets
Each time you click you should get a different problem.

Math Challenges
Monthly Math problem

Online quiz on word problems - you must subscribe to submit,
but problems can be answered and a parent can check them without registration.

Second Grade Skill Builders
Lots here, scroll down half way for word problems links

Daily Word Problems Grade 2
Although written for the classroom, this definitely is a publication
you may want to consider purchasing for use at home.
You can take a look at the entire book here.

Write a Number Story
Lesson for teachers on having students write number stories,
then presenting them in a multimedia format.

Other Discoveries
The following sites do not contain story problems, but do have many valuable
Math or other subject area resources for parents use at home.
No word problems, but several games
Place Value would be very helpful practice

Kidís Page Archive
I couldnít find story problems here, but there are lots of printable
Grade 2 worksheets for lots of skill areas

AAA Math Second Grade
Again, no story problems, but lots of other Math practice
For a challenge, try the Roman numerals!

Everyday Math Resources
Although this is not the Math program we use, it does have the concepts
and is put together in a very organized manner with online resources

Mathematics University
Another Everyday Math resource - loaded with Math skills

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