Symbolic Monarch Migration
After hundreds of monarchs were sighted flying over our Peirce School playground in Arlington, MA one afternoon in late September, we decided to join them on our own Journey South! Learn all about this wonderful project on our Autumn Across America page.

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Starry Night by Anna Rose
Journey South
Here are our creations that "migrated" to Mexico along with our monarch friends!

Line by Antony

Uncle Sam by Ben

Petals by Ms. Jacoby for Cadence

Bubbles by Charlie

M & M by Daniel

Dot by David

Spot by Declan

Ice Cream by Erin

Sunflower by Isabel

Viceroy by Jamie

Shaper by Johnathan

Topaz by Meghan

Wave by Michael

Patriot by Owen

Flower Girl by Rebecca

Rainbow by Shira
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