The Moon

Learning about Earth's Neighbor in Space

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The following links will take you on a wonderful journey
to learn more about Earth's own satellite - the Moon!
Let's learn about...

The Moon's Phases
Great literature link:
Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
For ways to use this book click here.
Blue Moon Ideas
Using The Nightgown of the Sullen Moon
learn about the blue moon.
Moon Phase Game
Lots to learn and do at this NASA Kids page
Note: Some info has not been updated.
Gaze at the moon and write down
your observations on this printable moonlog.
Moon Rise and Set
Find out when you can see the Moon.
Moon Images
View up close and personal images of the Moon.
Moon Webquest
Go on an awesome moon webquest.
Moon Quiz from Enchanted Learning
Information to answer quiz is found on following page:
The Moon - Zoom Astronomy
Interactive Moon Quiz from Enchanted Learning
Fun assessment piece!
Moon Diagram and Coloring Page
More Moon Resources from Enchanted Learning
Moon Movie
Watch a movie about the moon!
Take a quiz while you're waiting for it to load!
Birthday Moons
Very educational and very fun!
Cub Reporter - Moon Trip News Article
Fill in the form, then publish
for a fun Moon Trip newspaper story featuring YOU
Remember to use only your first name!
Answers to Kids' Questions About the Moon
Moonbeams Teaching Unit
Moon Theme
Exploring Planets in the Classroom - Hands-on Activities
Moon Trees
Learn about Moon Trees and how NASA is looking for them.
Moon Myths
Read stories about the moon from around the world.
Another Moon Quest
Moon - from Surfing the Net with Kids
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