MWRA Visits
Help Us Learn About the World of Water
A visit from MWRA's Meg Tabacsko is always a treat! We learn so much about how the MWRA works hard to clean our water.

Her enthusiastic teaching style gets all of us excited about the world of water! We look forward to a return visit when she will help us learn about water during Castle Days!

Pat Doherty is another great presenter from MWRA. She will be back to help us learn how the MWRA gets clean water to all of us.

"Flushing the toilet" is a clever, creative and attention-getting assessment piece of the lesson! Each child is asked a question and correct answers result in being able to flush! Lots of fun and learning for all!

We entered the MWRA's Annual Poster Contest!
Congratulations to Ryan who won 3rd Place, and Piper and James who both won Honorable Mention! Great job!
Thank you, MWRA, for all you do!

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MWRA School Programs
Learn all about the great programs
and resources the MWRA has for educators.
You can contact Meg and Pat here, too.

BrainPOP Water Cycle Movie
Watch a movie about the water cycle.
Quiz yourself about it, too!

Mr. Leaky's House
A Water-Saving Adventure Game - a must see!

EarthSavers: Water Conservation Tips for Kids

Water for Kids
from the EPA

Online Games and Activities about Water
Also from the EPA

Water Science for Schools
from U.S. Geological Survey
Lots of information about water

Kids Corner
from the Groundwater Foundation

Around the Water Cycle
A Readers Theater ~ great ~ check it out!

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