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Ms. Jacoby's Picks for Fun Family Excursions
It's summer time and time for the family to get away, whether for a day trip or an overnight.

I've put together a few suggestions that I KNOW your child will LOVE! Take a look at my picks here.

Footnote: Mr. Carme and I went to Lighthouses on Parade in the Portland, Maine area. The lighthouses were simply FABULOUS - you and your child would LOVE them!
Adopting a Snow Leopard!
After "Roll Up Day" we decided that since we were going to Franklin Park Zoo, a great way to use the extra money we collected would be to "adopt" an animal there. There were ten animals from which to choose. We voted as a class, and the snow leopard won.

Learn more about snow leopards here.
To learn about Zoodoptions, click here.

Our adopted snow leopard, Sazik
Roll Up Day

We had been collecting spare change for over a month in order to try to raise $50 to purchase a brick at Avery Point Light in honor of our good friend, the Lighthouse Kitty. May 30th was our day to sort, count, and roll up all our coins!

Each table was in charge of a particular coin. There seemed like lots of money, but would we reach our goal? When all was done we were AMAZED - we not only reached, but exceeded our goal with $76 of wrapped coin weighing 27 pounds!

Very Special Thanks to Moms
Marieke Zacher
and Kelly Nyberg for their help.
We couldn't have done it without you!
Butterflies Emerge!
This Science unit had us observing the growth and changes in our caterpillars into chrysalises. Excitement was certainly in the air as we found that our butterflies had emerged! It was bittersweet to release them, but we are hopeful that they are off to a happy life.

Learn more about the painted lady here.

A beautiful painted lady
On May 23, 2003 Jared and Samantha were honored at a ceremony at Deer Island for their work in the MWRA Poster Contest.

Jared and Samantha,
great job!

Read all about it here.
Monet and Me
An Arts Integration Project

We were excited to work with Jen Flores, a local artist, on this project. We learned about Claude Monet, and waterlilies became a theme as we created them in paper (below) and painted them using mixed media.

Wonderful local artist, Jen Flores, shares some of her "assemblage" work with us.
Quilt Show

We attended the Annual Quilt Show presented by Quilters' Connection. We were looking for mathematical patterns and symmetry, but enjoyed the simple beauty, as well. Take a look at this wonderful and fanciful creation to the right!

Special thanks to Judy Becker, our tour guide, and to Quilters' Connection for this terrific peek into the world of quilts.

Castles, Jester Jokes, and Fairy Tales were the theme in April. Children created fantastic castles with their families. We invited parents in to view all the hard work and to be entertained by a "Jester Jokes" Kidpix slideshow we created.

See some of the extraordinary castles here, and enjoy our Jester Jokes here.

We also learned about the "elements" of a fairy tale ~ what makes a story a fairy tale. We found the elements in Rumpelstiltskin. See our work here.
If it's Daffodil Day ~ Spring Has Arrived!

Our "groundhog" Peek and the "Boos" admire our daffodils.

This fundraiser for the American Cancer Society is always a beautiful day at Peirce School! Daffodil Day a great way to welcome Spring while knowing we're doing something for others. HAPPY SPRING TO ALL!
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day in style, as we presented a Readers' Theatre about Ireland to the kindergartens, first and second grades.

Each class was thrilled to also receive a little bag filled with "leprechaun gold" - really chocolate gold coins. There were enough for each person to make three wishes!

For Marci McGowan's great Readers' Theatre, click here.
Learning About the
Chinese New Year
We were thrilled by a visit from Emily's parents who shared traditions of the Chinese New Year with us.

Emily's mom displays a beautiful decorative fan with Chinese characters and symbols of Spring.

We LOVED touching the hardened rice used for making delicious soup, trying our hand at calligraphy and receiving the official stamp of Emily's family, the yummy pineapple treat, and most of all our red envelopes filled with goodies.
Special thanks go out to Emily and her family!
A Visit from MWRA

Meg Tabacsko always presents an informational, fun-filled program. She helps us learn all about the work the MWRA does in cleaning the waste water we produce everyday.

We were GREATLY disappointed to hear that with budget cuts she will no longer be visiting schools with her terrific and educational presentations! :-(
Try this fun online game to learn about conserving water at home.
Mr. Leaky's House
A Water-Saving Adventure Game
Special Guest Speaker Visits Our Class

Maureen McCann, a meteorologist with WABI - TV 5 in Bangor, Maine, visited our class to help kick-off Project Groundhog, a six week weather project. This visit was extra-special since Ms. McCann is a former second grade student of Ms. Jacoby! We very much enjoyed her visit and look forward to seeing more of her on TV, or maybe in the classroom, as she also substitutes. To learn more about Ms. McCann try, U.S.A. Today and WABI - TV 5.
Check out one of our recent Internet projects

Read a Winter Book...Write a Winter Poem.

Our work for the project was based on the book In the Snow by Huy Voun Lee. You will be amazed at the wonderful Chinese characters we created in the snow!

Read all about it here.

Our class has enjoyed a wonderful e-mail exchange with Lighthouse Kitty this year. She sends us birthday greetings, special lighthouse stories and much more! She even, along with her friend Mr. Younger from Harbour Lights, sent each of us our own collectible lighthouse!!! We wanted to do something special for her so we put together a little package. Here's a photo of what we sent and her thank you to us.

To learn more about the wonderful Lighthouse Kitty see our Theme page.

Each child contributed 50 cents and Ms. Jacoby added the rest
to put together these goodies for our own Lighthouse Kitty.

Hi Ms. Jacoby and Students!
My fun box arrived today with all the wonderful gifts a kitty could want! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Fancy Feast salmon is my very favorite cat food, and I can sure use weight control, hairball formula crunchies. You've probably noticed I'm a wee bit plump. My human mom put all my new toys in the little cat bag, and my human dad took pictures of me playing with some of them. Catnip makes me go bonkers! I'll send some pictures to you soon. I truly enjoyed all the nice letters. The students have "purr"-fect handwriting! My human mom loves the little framed picture of me and has it sitting on her desk.  That way she can see me , even when I'm not sprawled all over her keyboard and papers.  I'm so beautiful -- thank you!
Many kitty hugs and kisses from,
Lighthouse Kitty

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