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Plimoth Plantation Visit

As part of our Social Studies program, we enjoyed a trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts to see the Pilgrim Village (above), a Wampanoag Native American homesite and Mayflower II! This was a wonderful trip - filled with exciting learning!
MWRA Poster Contest
We entered the 2004 MWRA Poster Contest.
EVERYONE did a terrific job and ALL of our posters went to the Finals!!

Kudos and Congratulations go to our winners...
Andriana - 1st Place and $200 savings bond
Daniel - 2nd Place ond $100 savings bond
Jeff - Honorable Mention
Shannon - Honorable Mention

Their posters may be viewed online at
Internet Projects
Internet projects continue to be a fun way to address the standards in our classroom. Please see our work in:
Whale Tales
State Flower Eggs
Lucky Charms
Read a Winter Book...Write a Winter Poem
Castle Building Project
Our "Once Upon a Time" theme in Reading was the inspiration for our Castle Project ~ a family project which involves the building of a castle. See some samples of our masterpieces here.

At school we enjoyed the wonderful Paul O. Zelinsky version of Rumpelstiltskin and presented another version of this classic fairy tale as a play. We performed for all the classes at school and shared our beautiful castles, as well. Our final performance was a special one for our proud parents.
Hiyaku and Hovercraft Huge Hits!
February brought the 100th day of school. To help us celebrate we made delicious "hiyaku" (which means 100 in Japanese). Hiyaku is a trail mix made with hundreds of raisins, nuts (we substituted m&ms), sunflower kernels, cheerios, and chocolate chips. Fun and yummy!

Will's dad also brought in their awesome hovercraft that Will, his brother and dad had built at home. Rides on it were so much fun that we thought we were at DisneyWorld! Mr. Yee also provided a smaller version for the kids to enjoy! Thank you, Mr. Lockery and Mr. Yee!
Chinese New Year
January brought the Chinese New Year ~ the Year of the Monkey! We enjoyed a wonderful visit from parent Linda Yee who brought monkey stick puppets for us to create, along with beautiful lanterns and sweet Chinese candies! Thank you, Ms. Yee!
December Traditions
We were thrilled with our trip to the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker, an annual second grade tradition at Peirce School. The ballet was simply wonderful and inspired us in many ways back in class.

December also brought the sharing of family traditions. Mr. Carme, Ms. Jacoby's husband, came to read The Polar Express and brought nougats for all to enjoy. Then it was Winston's turn to share a family tradition. His mom joined us to show how they create yummy edible gingerbread ornaments for their tree. More tree-trimming traditions came with a visit from Maura's mom. Our Reading teacher, Ms. Lowenthal, came to share her family's tradition of Chanukkah. She showed her menorah and dreidels, then passed out gelt, chocolate coins, and cookies in the shape of Chanukkah symbols.

We greatly thank all our visitors for their wonderful sharing, and speaking of traditions...we began a brand new classroom tradition.
Learn all about it on our Night Tree page.

Here Andriana's gram shows medal coins depicting the Olympics held in Australia.

November also brought a visit from Andriana's grandmother who lives in Australia! She showed us where Australia is found in the world, shared many of its symbols and read us a great tale from the Aborigine origin.
The Pilgrim Story

November brought a study of Pilgrim times and our play, The Pilgrim Story. The children did a fantastic job as they performed for all K-5 classes and parents! For lots of resources and information about this period of history, try our Thanksgiving Time page.
Field Trips and Tunia
Tunia the Traveling Ladybug was our visitor for the month of October. Joining us from a second grade class in Rhode Island on her world-wide tour, she enjoyed a field trip to Gloucester, Massachusetts. There she climbed Eastern Point Light and was awed by Hammond Castle.

Learn all about her visit to Arlington on Tunia's Page.
Releasing Our Ladybugs!

We had watched the life cycle of our ladybugs unfold before our eyes. From larva, to pupa, to ladybug, we had been amazed at what we had witnessed. On Monday, September 22nd, we bid a special farewell to our friends as we released them outside our school.
Here is one of our ladybugs who returned to land on Maura's sweater. Learn all about our wonderful ladybug experience on our Ladybug Metamorphosis page.

Oreo Project 2003
Is Double Stuf Worth the Stuf?
An Internet Project
Our first Internet project of the year had us asking ourselves about the project question...Is there more creme filling in an 18 ounce bag of regular oreos or an 18 ounce bag of double stuf? After careful consideration, we put our hypotheses to the test. Here is a visual of our findings:

The scales tell it all, but which is which? To learn the answer
and to find out about all our work, see our Oreo Project 2003 page.