The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker is a long-standing tradition for our second grades. For many, many years we attended the Boston Ballet's wondrous production. In 2007 we began a new tradition - an "in-school" field trip where we dress in our best and watch a video version of the magical ballet. Although not the same as a live theater production, our new tradition provided its own magical memories. Happy Holidays!

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Is the story of the Nutcracker
a folktale or fairytale?

Think about the elements of these two types (genres) of stories.
Decide which one you think the story of The Nutcracker is.
Then vote in the poll below.
Elements of a Folktale
  • oral tradition
  • different versions
  • repetition - words, phrases, or sentences that are repeated throughout the story
  • cumulative aspects - something or someone continues to be added as the story progresses

Elements of a Fairy Tale
  • special beginning and/or ending words - Once upon a time...and they lived happily ever after.
  • good character
  • evil character
  • royalty and/or a castle usually present
  • magic happens
  • problem and a solution
  • things often happen in "threes" or "sevens"
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