The XX Winter Olympics are now over. The next Olympics will be in Beijing, China in the Summer of 2008. To meet "The Friendlies" - the official 2008 mascots -click here. Also, see children’s work for “Green Dreams, Colorful Olympics”.

Neve and Gliz
Catch the XX Winter Olympics Fever
Torino, Italy 2006

Special medals

Mrs. Golubic's Class in Boardman, Ohio, is celebrating the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics and wanted us to Catch the Winter Olympics Fever, too! We decided we would join in the fun!

We learned about the 15 winter Olympic sports: alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, skeleton, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, snowboard, biathlon, Nordic combined, speed skating, short track, figure skating, ice hockey, curling, bobsleigh, and luge.

Then we voted and tallied our results to find out which one was the favorite sport of our class. Finally, we emailed the results to Mrs. Golubic's class. We'll be able to compare our favorite with those from classes around the country! To see the project results click here.

To help us learn about the olympic sports, each student in our class chose a sport to research and report on. A complete report included:
1. A brief explanation of the sport (in complete sentences)
2. Where it is played (snow, track or rink)
3. Special equipment needed to play the sport
4. An interesting fact learned about this sport
5. A photo or picture of the sport (color preferred)

Important Note to Parents
Please do NOT have your child copy verbatim from websites or other sources. Instead, please read information with your child, then ask that s/he write the information in her/his own words, checking for accuracy. Many thanks!

Bonus Peirce Pride...Bonus Peirce Pride

A surprise Bonus Peirce Pride opportunity was offered to the children. They were asked to find out the names of the Olympic mascots and what they represent. Several children took the challenge, which was due on the day of the Opening Ceremonies, February 10, 2006, and earned a Bonus Peirce Pride for their efforts! Watch a video about the mascots here.

The children did a wonderful job of presenting and then recapping each sport. Once presentations were completed, we voted. Overwhelmingly, the BIATHLON was the favorite.

Here is a look at our overall results:


In Turin, Italy - can you find it on the map?
What time is it now in Turin, Italy?
Take a Virtual Tour of Italy

Here are a few links to help you get started with your report.
The first several are particularly helpful.

U.S. Olympic Team - Slug’s Rules and Tools
Learn all about the rules and equipment for each sport

2006 Winter Olympics at Fact Monster
Scroll down on page for kid friendly info on the sports

Winter Olympic Events
Although written for the Salt Lake City Olympics, information is still pertinent.
Written by a group of fourth graders so it's very child friendly!

Torino 2006 - Winter Olympic Games
A great place for information on all the sports.
Click on each sport to learn all about it.
Parent assistance with reading will be necessary.

Winter Olympics
Another site written by kids for kids - from a Junior School in England

Winter Olympic Sport Pictograms

Official Olympic Site
Kids Village
A part of the Official Site, just for kids!

Olympic Sites at Kids’ Place
from the Newark Public Library

Catch the Olympic Spirit
In 2002 Ms. Jacoby and Mr. Carme had the thrill of a lifetime!
We watched the Torch Relay as it wound its way toward Boston!

Ring Around the Olympics
Comprehension piece with questions about the Olympic rings
Great for teachers or parents

Winter Olympics Thematic Unit
Lots of links and activity ideas for teachers

Just for Fun
Track the Medals
Keep track of how many medals each country is winning

U.S. Olympic Team Base Camp for Kids
Lots for kids - info, printables, and cartoons (see below)

Great cartoon videos about qualities needed for the Olympics

Winter Olympic Coloring Book
A book to print out and color, featuring our friends Neve and Gliz

Winter Olympics Wordsearch
Very challenging!

Ski Jump Slide Puzzle

World Flags Match Game

Name That Flag Game

The winter sports in Italian!
combinata nordica—nordic combined
freestyle—freestyle skiing
hockey su ghiaccio—ice hockey
discipline Olimpiche-Olympic disciplines
pattinaggio artistico—figure skating
pattinaggio di velocità—speed skating
sci alpino—alpine skiing
sci di fondo—cross-country skiing

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