A Visit from
Representative Anne Paulsen

Ms. Paulsen is a representative in the Massachusetts legislature. Because our classroom theme this year is E Pluribus Unum, I thought a visit from a "real" elected official would help to deepen the children's understanding of our government.

After corresponding with her office (Thank you, Ms. Hunter!), Rep. Paulsen was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to visit our class!

Anticipation and excitement was in the air on October 20, 2006, as the children and I awaited Rep. Paulsen's arrival!

Children wrote notes to me such as, "I can't wait to see Representative Paulsen!" (Isabel)

"I can't wait till this afternoon!" (Anna Rose - written in red and blue with a U.S. flag)

From Meghan, "I can't wait till Representative Paulsen comes this afternoon!"

And Declan whispered to me, "I'm SO excited about Representative Paulsen coming!"

FINALLY, the waiting was over. Rep. Paulsen arrived, greeted by Michael and Meghan, our classroom ambassadors, and a great "Welcome" display created by Johnathan's mom (Thank you, Lisa!). Mr. Penta joined us, as well! She then settled in to answer our many questions.

She patiently listened, answered, and explained.
A few of our questions, such as "What was the most important law you passed?" (Cadence) and "What is your least favorite law and why?" (Johnathan) caused pensive moments for her.

You may view all of the children's questions here.

After the question session, we treated Ms. Paulsen to a performance of our D is for Democracy Readers' Theatre.

Next, Antony presented Rep. Paulsen with a written copy of an idea he has for a bill (law) about cell phone usage while driving (Note: This was an idea that Antony originated himself at home.), and Meghan shared a shirt she was given at a recent Deval Patrick rally.

Rep. Paulsen had brought some materials for everyone - an explanation about the MANY jobs at the State House, a mini-magazine about democracy, and a coloring book of our state symbols, which she then shared.

Finally, Johnathan presented her with a thank you signed by the entire class, complete with a beautiful picture of the State House he had drawn.

This was a WONDERFUL experience for all of us. We learned SO much, and Ms. Paulsen's former training as a second and third grade teacher was certainly evident in her patient and kind manner with the children. Declan perhaps summed it up best with his statement, "You're the BEST representative!"

We truly enjoyed your visit, Representative Paulsen, and we would like to say...

(from the bottom of our hearts!)

Ms. Jacoby and her Second Graders

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