*** Pigeon for President ***
Taking up the spirit of our classroom theme this year, the children asked if they hold an election between two characters - Pigeon of Mo Willems' Pigeon books fame, and Beary, a character created by our own Mike M. The winner would be our candidate for "president."

Pigeon's Team, led by Venice and Kate, and Beary's Team, led by Mike and Lucas, made posters and carried on their campaigns.

After all students registered to vote, Election Day came on Thursday, October 16, 2008. The Teams gave great speeches about their candidates. Mike and Lucas let student voters know how cute and cuddly Beary was, and Venice and Kate reminded them of Pigeon's skills, such as eating children's fallen crumbs (thus no need for them to clean up).

Venice had made a ballot which I photocopied for all. Votes were cast and placed in a ballot box, then counted. Click here for two ways of looking at the results.

*** Learn About Pigeon ***
* Pigeon Presents!

* Get Pigeon Stuff
Including Pigeon Pajamas!

* Make Pigeon!

* Pigeon On Stage!!

* Author Study: Mo Willems

* Mo Willems Q&A

"I think you'd look great
in Pigeon pajamas!"

Seems like we're not the only ones who want Pigeon for President!

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