~ Poetry with Potato Hill Poetry ~
Andrew Green from Potato Hill Poetry visited Peirce School in April for Poetry Month. His presentation began with a school-wide Poetry Kick-Off assembly to get everyone thinking poetry. This was followed by two days of individual class workshops (one session per class). Each class workshop was tailored to that specific grade level, student interests and ability.

For our class he chose the topic of "Collections," and as he pointed to Sebastian, he asked the question, "What do you collect?" Once Sebastian responded, "State quarters," Mr. Green began creating a collaborative poem.

Please enjoy the collaborative poem below, along with the ones the children created independently.

State Quarters

In a cabinet
in the dining room
is a map of the United States
with spots for quarters
Alabama, Massachusetts,
Sometimes shiny, sometimes dirty

Image courtesy of CoinMapsUSA.com
“My Crystals”
by Noa

On a shelf
in my room
my crystals lay down,
Some are sharp, some are smooth
and sometimes they sparkle -
pink, green, black, and brown.
I got them from under a deck.
I thought they were interesting.

“My Crystals”
by Maxime

On a shelf in my room,
my beautiful crystals,
Some are small, Some are big,
Rainbow colors and white,
Dad split one in half,
it looked like a crystal to me

“Collecting Stuffed Animals”
by Alexandra

On my bed
On my shelves
Even in my desk drawers
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
too many to count
bears, kitties, dogs, bunnies and webkinz

“Cards, Cards, Cards”
by Brandon

In a shoebox
with an elastic around the box
Baseball, football, basketball cards
Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Derek Jeter,
Alex Rodriguez, Randy Moss, Paul Pierce,
Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen
I get them from my brothers.

“Pokemon Cards”
by Sophie

In a door,
in my desk,
I keep my Pokemon cards,
Safe and sound -
Pikachu, Rhydon, Pichu, Chimchar,
All so cute
And you can trade them over and over
Battle with your friends till you’re the
Best champion in the world like...

by Francis

I put them in a jar
under my bed
red, green, yellow, blue,
Marbles that roll everywhere in the jar
Clumon, clumon, a funny sound
all day, all night
I love the game Marbles.

“Stuffed Animals”
by Sarah

On my bed
on my shelf
my collection of stuffed animals,
big and small
short and tall -
bears, rabbits, ladybugs, too!
Dolphins, bees, puppies, kitty,
and much much more,
I started when I was just born,
some are hard and some are soft.

“Stuffed Animals”
by Amy

I put them on my bed
and some are in a basket in my room.
Bears, kitties, and webkinz, too!
My bears are very soft and furry,
they make me feel happy when I’m alone.
I even have tea parties with them!
They come as gifts from family of mine.
(A few came from my neighbor Bob.)
My first stuffed animal was my furry bear named 1, 2, 3.

by Jimin

I collect them from Playtime
and put them on my table.
Two blue birds, one brown bird
They are clean birds.
They’re not real.
Three birds waiting to have fun,
Waiting to be played with.

by Bailey

On the porch
and in the backyard -
Sitting, waiting
for someone to pick them up and play with them.
I have old ones and new ones.
I also have some dirty ones.
They are special to me
because I love baseball.

“Baseball Cards”
by Carl

I collect baseball cards.
I keep them in my room on my desk
in a Fenway Park box.
Some of my favorite players are
Jacoby Ellsbury, Kevin Youkilious, Josh Beckett, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Dustin Pedroia, Johnathan Papelbon.
Get them all the time!

“My Legos”
by Andre

In a cabinet
in my room
many different LEGOS
I have blue, green, red, white, pink, yellow, orange, brown and gray Legos.
Sometimes my Dad buys them
and sometimes my grandmother buys them, too.

“Quarters of the States”
by Jillian

Quarters, quarters,
in my house, in my father’s office,
I keep them in a map of the U.S.A.
contained in a bag of black -
Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Delaware
All with designs that give you feelings you are there.
I find them in my spare change
and save them for the map of the U.S.A.
When I find I am through for the day,
I can’t wait to continue.

“Pok’emon Cards”
by Samuel

In a bag
in my room on a container
Pokemon cards
Zaptos, Lateas, Primplup, Torchick
Legendary and basic
I get them from Target and on special occasions
I get them because I love Pok’emon!

“Stuffed Animals”
by Jennifer

On my bed,
on the door,
on my desk,
Honey, Butterscotch, Penny, Berista
One is a bear, one is a bunny,
one is a penguin, one is a dog!
They are soft, they are cute!
Big, small, all so cuddly!
All from my dad.

"Historical Figures"
by Nathaniel

On a white wooden shelf
in my bedroom
are three figures -
Robert E. Lee, Paul Revere and Lt. Robert Maynard.
They have all done courageous deeds.
We remember them always.
Maynard killed Blackbeard
Lee was a Civil War general, and
Revere was a silversmith who sounded the alarm.
I've collected them since 2007.
I've gotten of them for holidays.
They were amazing men.

"In the Basement"
by Anna

In the basement
on the far side
there is a piano.
When I come home from school
I have a snack and go to that piano.
Play it.
Oh, it does sound beautiful!
I do it because I just have plenty of time!
With white keys, black keys, I play!

"Stuffed Animals"
by Sebastian

On my bed
in my room
are my stuffed animals.
Soft, fluffy, cuddly
Lions, dogs, birds,
Seals, bears, penguins
Like friends, they wait for me
Always with me
when I sleep.