All Aboard for
The Polar Express

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The Polar Express is very special in my classroom. Not only is it a magical and wonderful tale, but it is a family tradition of mine.

Each December my husband comes to my room to read the story to my class. He also brings nougats for the kids to enjoy, just like the children on the train!

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Each year, the week before our December recess, I invite parents to visit our second grade classroom to share a tradition their families have at this time of year. It can be a special book, a craft, a recipe or food, anything that the family does every December to celebrate their special holiday. Here is our family tradition...

My husband reads The Polar Express to my class.
~ Polar Express Resources ~

Polar Express at Houghton Mifflin
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Be sure to check out the Teacher's Guide.

Polar Express Thematic Unit
From Teaching is a Work of Heart
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Check out the Polar Express cereal!

The Polar Express
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Polar Express at Busy Teachers Café
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Polar Express Math
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A Guide for Using The Polar Express
in the Classroom

From Teacher Created Material, this resource is filled with a variety of cross-curricular lessons to do before, during, and after reading the book. This reproducible book includes sample plans, author information, vocabulary building ideas, and cross-curriculum activities

Take the Polar Express to Learning
From Education World
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Chris Van Allsburg Author Study
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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Make a Flake
Make beautiful and unique snowflakes
online and then share or print. A MUST SEE!

The Polar Express Ride
If you live in the NH area, you can take a real ride on the Polar Express! Tickets are available on a lottery basis only!

Lionel Polar Express Train Set
Lionel trains has put together some very special editions
for the young and young at heart!

Polar Train, Polar Train
by Lanise Jacoby
adapted from Marci McGowan's
A Winter Train Ride

The following is based upon The Polar Express and inspired by Brown Bear, Brown Bear. My version is an adaptation of Marci McGowan's A Winter Train Ride. Please visit her site and check out her wonderful work!

Feel free to copy my version and use it to create your own "Polar Train" book. I plan to make it a family gift for the holidays.

Polar Train, Polar Train
What do you see?
I see happy children
Riding with me.

Polar Train, Polar Train
Where will we go?
We'll go to a place
All covered with snow!

Polar Train, Polar Train
What can we do?
You can munch on nougats
Brought especially for you!

Polar Train, Polar Train
Will we be there soon?
Peek through the window.
What’s that under the moon?

Polar Train, Polar Train,
What is out there?
An ocean of elves,
Just filling the square!.

Polar Train, Polar Train
What shall I bring?
True belief in your heart,
So a bell may ring.

May the magic of the holidays
fill the hearts of you and yours,
now and always!
Learn about Arctic animals here.

For those who want to travel
to the North Pole, check this out.

Want to learn more about the author Chris VanAllsburg?
Check out his site!

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