Son of Sacagawea, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, known as "Pomp", was born on February 11, 1805. We know much of Pomp's early months of life from the journals of Lewis and Clark. There appears to be no entry, however, about any first birthday celebration for him.

To right this wrong, classrooms and other groups across the country are being asked to host a 200th Birthday Party for Pomp on February 11, 2005. We are proud to be part of this group.

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200 Cents Final Counts in...we raised $978.65 with an anonymous donor rounding it off to $1000...THANK YOU to the following school children, families, teachers, and staff - Peirce, Dallin, Bishop, Hardy, and Thompson schools - GREAT JOB!...200 Cents for Pomp's 200th Anniversary
What was this?

Cyrus Dallin was a famous sculptor who often used Native Americans as subjects. The Cyrus Dallin Museum in our town, Arlington, Massachusetts, recently acquired a beautiful statue of Dallin's entitled "Sacajawea" (see below). This statue was in need of restoration.

200 Cents for Pomp's 200th Anniversary was an initiative to raise funds for the statue's restoration. We asked all of the schools in Arlington to become involved, and several did just that! Beginning on Tuesday, February 1, 2005 and ending on Friday, February 11, 2005 all children, teachers, and staff were asked to bring in 200 cents. This could take the form of any combination of coins or bills that would equal 200 cents.

Why 200 cents? To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Pomp's birth, of course!

Update: 200 Cents for Pomp reached its $1000 goal! Very special thanks go to everyone at the Peirce and Dallin Schools, to Bishop School, with special thanks to Steve Carme and Jeanne Wall, to Hardy School, with special thanks to its PTO, and to Thompson School. Thank you, thank you ~ GREAT JOB by all!

We would love your help!

We would love for all who are hosting a 200th Birthday Party for Pomp across the country (and world) to join our cause. If each of you would collect just 200 cents at your party and send it in the form of a check to the Dallin Museum (address below) we would be well on our way to reaching our restoration goal!!! What a great way to honor Pomp and his mother AND help out a good cause!

Please help us honor Pomp and Sacajawea by collecting 200 cents during your party and sending it in the form of a check ($2.00) payable to the Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum at:

The Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum
One Whittemore Park
Arlington, MA 02474


Be sure to let them know it is your 200 cents for Pomp's 200th Anniversary!!
Thank you!!!
Any questions, feel free to email me.

Image courtesy of the Wind River Historical Center
Note: Although our school campaign of 200 Cents for Pomp reached its goal, the Museum is also in need of monies for the pedestal and case. If those who are hositng Pomp parties would continue to send contributions to the museum, it would be so appreciated! Pomp and his Mom thank you!

Our Work and Celebration
*Happy Birthday, Pomp Mobiles*
As we began our celebration week, we were finishing a Science unit on Balancing and Weighing. As a culminating activity the children were asked to create a "complex" mobile, one with many fulcrums. To integrate our Explorers theme, and honor Pomp, we used objects all of which related to Pomp, Sacagawea or Lewis and Clark.

*200 Cents for Pomp's 200th Anniversary*
Our campaign to restore our town's Sacajawea statue, played an extremely important role in our week's activities. As each child brought in a contribution, it was counted - SO many ways to make 200 cents!
A reporter from our local newspaper learned about our project and came to interview us! You can read the online version of the article that appeared on Thurs., Feb. 10th in The Arlington Advocate here.

Photo by Nancy White

Here is the Pomp side of Cyrus Dallin's beautiful Sacajawea statue.

*Party Time! ~ Our Pomp Party!*
In preparation for the party, the children had been asked to create headbands at home that would be worn to the party. Each headband had to be decorated with 200 objects! Many of the headbands showed great creative effort with patterns and materials.

We also made "Pomps" in cradleboards whom we rocked while singing "Happy Birthday."
Parent, Suzanne McCleod, created an incredible cake for our celebration. Yum, yum!

Above left: Connor's wonderful headband, complete with animals that Lewis and Clark may have seen along the trail, footprints representing their travels, feathers representing the Native Americans they met - simply awesome, Connor! (Connor's Pomp is resting inside)

At our Pomp Party we had Pomp cake, Orange drink, M&m's, and Popcorn.
Why? Because they spell out P-O-M-P, of course!

*The Count Up ~ Roll Up*
Prior to the party, it was time to count up and roll up the monies collected from the Peirce and Dallin at Peirce classrooms.

Using grids of 40 or 50 squares, we sorted and counted pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and bills. We found some of the newly minted nickels in honor of Lewis and Clark, and even a couple of Sacagawea dollars!

Using grids helped to keep our counts accurate.
Look at all those rolls beginning to appear!
Peirce and Dallin at Peirce totaled almost $450 - almost half-way toward our goal! Then Kathleen and Matthew Phelps collected monies from other schools and brought it, along with our money, to Banknorth for processing. When all was counted, two checks, many bills, 2 Sacagawea dollars, 620 quarters, 1,012 dimes, 866 nickels, and 11, 915 pennies had been collected from all the schools!
*The Presentation of the Money*

We had an informal ceremony in our classroom to present the checks totaling $1000 to Geri Tremblay of the Cyrus E. Dallin Museum. Several children spoke:

Nora: "200 Cents for Pomp’s 200th was a way for our class to show how important Sacajawea was to Lewis and Clark and how important the art of Cyrus Dallin is to our town."

Caroline: "We wanted to help restore this wonderful statue so that people in the future can enjoy its beauty."

Eric: "We are very thankful to the children, families, teachers and staff of the Peirce, Dallin, Bishop, and Hardy schools who worked with us to raise $1000 for the statue’s restoration.

We think this shows that working together we can do incredible things."

Rikki: "We would now like to present you with checks that total $1000 for the restoration of Dallin’s Sacajawea statue."

Kubi and Talia presented checks.

Louise: "We would like to conclude our presentation with the reading of the second part of a beautiful poem entitled “Sacagawea’s Song” by Martha Hart Johns"

Then all the class joined in a choral reading of the following:

I am proud Sacagawea
I am proud Shoshone
My baby son, I call him Pomp
He travels on my back
On my journey I came upon my people
People of the plains, Shoshone
I spoke to them with my fingers to my lips
to say "I am one of you!" "I am one of you!"
And they cried out to see me
and gave us horses
Wild horses to ride without saddles over the mountains
My son will be a great man
He will see the Great Water and be wise
My heart pounds with excitement
For my children's children will say
Sacagawea lead them across the land
She was sure of foot like the goat
She was stout of heart like the bear
I will not be afraid
Follow me

to all the children and families of Arlington who contributed 200 Cents for Pomp's 200th (including John and Kevin's grandmother - smile), with...

Special thanks to Mr. Penta and ALL the teachers of Peirce School, to teachers of the Dallin School, with special thanks to Lauren Jastremski, Marie Chase and John Chicarello, to the Bishop School, with special thanks to Jeanne Wall and Steve Carme, and to Hardy School and its PTO.

Our thanks go to Jim McGough, Geri Tremblay, and Nancy White of the Cyrus E. Dallin Museum for their support and contributions of beautiful photos and wonderful templates of Certificates of Partipation.

Our gratitude goes to Banknorth, Arlington for its help with processing the money, and to Brooke Leister, reporter for the Arlington Advocate, who brought attention to our project with the great article she wrote.

Thanks, as well, to our Internet friends from across the country, such as Jennifer Wagner of California, who have sent the Museum contributions toward Sacajawea's restoration, and

Very special thanks go to the following Peirce parents who helped with our Roll Up/Count Up and Pomp Party...Suzanne McCleod, Sherry Grace, Karen Dawson, and Paget Hetherington, and to Kathleen Phelps who not only designed a beautiful flyer, collected monies from all the schools and worked with the bank to process it, BUT was the person who brought the Museum and our classroom together.

200 thank you's to ALL of you, we couldn't have done it without YOU!

Note: A follow-up article appeared in The Arlington Advocate.
You can view it here.

Background Information
and Resources

I first heard about this great celebration from Jennifer Wagner of Projects by Jen fame! She has put together a number of resources with the help of Jim Sargent and the Headwaters Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation in Montana.

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