Parade of Presidents

Scholastic held a "Picture a President" contest. Given our theme this year, we felt this was a perfect match to our classroom work. The Grand Prize is a trip to Washington, D.C.! We have our fingers crossed! We'll keep you posted!

Please enjoy, and remember to view FULL SCREEN.

Don't miss the two short videos at the end!

Obama by Dania

Washington by Drew

Lincoln by Ellyce

Washington by Henry

Lincoln by Isabella

Obama by Jasmin

Jefferson by Jasmine

T. Rooosevelt by Kate

Lincoln by Lucas

Kennedy by Maia

Lincoln by Michael

Lincoln by Mike

Lincoln by Nathaniel

Washington by Ryan

Obama by Sammy

Lincoln by Stephanie

Jefferson by Tate

Lincoln by Telden

Washington by Venice

G.W. Bush by Zachary

Please enjoy these two short videos featuring the presidents...

Parade of Presidents - Part I

Parade of Presidents - Part II

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