Internet Projects 2002-2003
The Fairy Tale Project

The Fairy Tale Project asked us to explore the world of fairy tales. We chose the wonderful Rumpelstiltskin story, retold by Paul O. Zelinsky, and part of our Guided Reading program. We learned about the "elements" ~ the ingredients ~ of a fairy tale and then looked for them in Rumpelstiltskin.

Adventures in Writing

Alberta, Canada author, Carol Vaage, wrote a story starter using her main character, Bibi, from Bibi and the Bull, which was sent to two classes to initiate the beginning part of these interactive stories. The story beginnings set the stage for the rest of the groups who wrote middles and endings for their respective threads. Please take a look at our endings and the email we received from author Carol Vaage.

Frootloops to the Max

Jennifer Wagner had us counting how many frootloops we'd find in a box, with the guiding question: "Which color will be most common?"

Project Groundhog 2003

This project had us collecting and reporting data, learning to average, and exploring the world of the groundhog. It also had us connected to other second and third grade classrooms across North America.

Read a Winter Book...Write a Winter Poem

This project asked participants to choose a book with a winter theme and after reading it together, create a class poem for posting on the project site. We did some wonderful work with Chinese calligraphy. Please take a look!

Gingerbread Man Project

Mrs. Fryer's 1st grade class in Long Grove, Illinois was missing their gingerbread man! Her class received a gingerbread man to take care of after they read a story about the gingerbread man and did a lot of fun activities. Where did he run? Did he visit us? Read on!

A Patchwork of Places and Poetry

From acrostic poetry to sensory poems to dazzling daymarks, this was one AMAZING project that took us to new heights! Be sure not to miss this one!

Oreo Project 2002

Oreo Online Project 2002 asked participants to see how high they could go!

Using packages of oreos, four groups of students tested their balancing skills. We stacked, then counted and measured our oreo cookie towers.

Pennies in Circulation

The goal of this project was to determine what year pennies are in circulation. Using 100 pennies, we tallied the dates and sent the data to the project coordinator. Learn more about this great project!

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