Pumpkin Seed Count

A One Day Internet Project

~ About the Project ~

Jennifer Wagner of Technospud fame is ALWAYS coming up with fun and exciting ways to bring learning and technology together, and The Pumpkin Seed Count Project is no exception!

This project asked participants to choose a pumpkin with a weight between 1 and 5 pounds, estimate the number of seeds it would have, then cut, scoop, and count the seeds in it.

~ Our Work ~
Open House Estimate

Our project began at our Open House where each family was asked to give an estimate on the number of seeds in our pumpkin.

Ordering Estimates

Next, back in class, we ordered our estimates from least to greatest - our least was 30 and our greatest was 1100! We would soon see if these were close!

Opening the Pumpkin

We cut into the pumpkin and the counting was about to begin.

Scooping the Seeds

We began the scooping which proved to be slippery and a bit tricky, but fun!

Grouping the Seeds

After discussing the best way to count our seeds, we agreed that for this project, counting by fives for our personal counts would be best.

Final Counts

After individual counts, we needed to put our seeds together for a final count. We decided to use 100 count grid sheets to be sure we were accurate. Our final count was 450 seeds!

Congratulations to Shira whose estimate of 400
was the closest and won her a sweet little prize!

The fun didn't end here, however, as we had more pumpkins to open and compare. Based upon our findings, new estimates were made for our next pumpkin. This pumpkin was similar in weight, but different in shape. We found 560 seeds in this next one. Ben was the lucky winner in this round of estimates, with his guess of 550! Our next pumpkin, almost identical to our second, held 593 seeds!

What to do with all these seeds?
We sure had A LOT of seeds and decided to make jack-o-lantern tambourines (Spook Scarers) out of two high-quality paper plates (designed with jack-o-lanterns on both sides) and 40 pumpkin seeds each (next time I would use 50 or 60). This still left PLENTY of seeds to divide among the children for them to bring home and roast or save for planting.

You can find directions for making our "Spook Scarers" under Resources below. Note: We used Elmer's school glue to glue the two paper plates together.

More Pumpkin Fun!

Take a look at this yummy
chocolate pumpkin
Jamie's dad created for us.

Although it was too boo-tiful
to cut, we did divide it and
all enjoyed the sweet treat!
Thank you, Gary!
See Gary's Chocolates for some of the BEST chocolates around!

Michael's Show and Tell was a BIG (or should we say tiny?) surprise!

This is a REAL pumpkin
(green stage along its life cycle)
that Michael grew at home
and then his dad carved!

~ Links to Learning ~

The following are links that will provide more information about pumpkins
and activities and lessons for teachers, parents, and students.

Bear and Pumpkin Coloring Page
Just for fun - to print out and color

Pumpkin, Pumpkin
Great early reader book from Starfall.com

Carve Your Own Virtual Pumpkin - fun!

Pumpkin Seed Project Activities
Some SUPER ideas from project host, Jennifer Wagner

Pumpkin Pumpkin
Great ideas for using pumpkins by Judy Christiansen

Pumpkin, Pumpkin Sequencing Lesson
With printables to accompany book Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Pumpkin Time
Very good unit from Scholastic

Pump Up the Curriculum with Pumpkins!
Be sure to see the Pumpkin Facts section -
You could make a Pumpkin Facts Book - great for practicing writing!

More Pumpkin Facts

Pumpkins at EnchantedLearning.com

Pumpkin Poem
With print-outs - one colored, one to color

Pumpkin and Jack-o-lantern Poems at CanTeach

Pumpkin Science Lessons - (grades 2-3)

What Can You Do With a Pumpkin?

Pumpkin Potpourri - Some great ideas here

Pumpkin Carving for K-2
Great lesson with an ELL focus

From Seed to Pumpkin Book
A Letís Read and Find Out Science Book

The Pumpkin Patch
Everything you ever wanted to know about pumpkins!

Pumpkin Seed Mosaic Art Project

Pumpkin Seed Art - includes some templates

Pumpkin Seed Shakers (our tambourines or Spook Scarers)

You need: dried pumpkin seeds from inside your pumpkin, two paper plates (for each child) and a stapler. Have the children put some seeds on one of the paper plates (bottom side down). Next, have them place the other plate on top of the first plate (bottom side up). Help the children staple their plates together with the seeds inside. Let the children paint, use markers or crayons to decorate their shakers.
From http://www.123child.com/UBB/showthread.php?t=3085

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