How to Make Our Version
of Rechenka's Eggs
These eggs are BEAUTIFUL and very easy to make.
Sure to become a family treasure!
What You Need...
styrofoam eggs
napkins with designs
(I try to find napkins with egg designs. These seem to be the easiest for the children to cut, but you can use any design.)
extra-fine fabric glitter
Be sure you use fabric glitter,
regular glitter will not work.


Here is one of our
"eggs-tra" special eggs!

What You Do...
1. Discuss "ply" with your students. Then have them carefully peel off the top ply of the napkin.
2. Once this is done, have the children cut out the napkin designs. Don't worry if the cutting is not perfect. The eggs will still be beautiful!
3. Place a skewer into the larger end of each styrofoam egg. The children hold the egg by this as they're working.
4. Working with groups of children (I work with 6-7 children, never the whole class), show them how to use a paintbrush to add decoupage to a small section of the egg. Then place one of the napkin cutouts on top of the decoupage. Next smooth the cutout down with more decoupage. Continue in this manner, overlapping cutouts until the entire egg is covered.
5. Once the egg is covered, I then give it a light final coating of decoupage to help smooth out the cutouts.
6. Sprinkle fabric glitter over the entire egg (we use a jumbo plastic bag and shake the egg with the glitter).
7. We place the skewer on the egg into a base of plasticine to let them dry.
8. Once dry the beautiful designs show through - "EGGS-CEPTIONAL!"

Along with the eggs, we make SUPER EASY baskets.
Here's how...

What You Need...
colored paper plates (coated, thick plates won't work well)
Coffee cans
Construction paper or craft ribbon for handle

What You Do...
1. Completely immerse the paper plate in warm water.
2. Mold the plate over the open end of the coffee can.
3. Secure with an elastic.
4. Let dry for about 30 minutes. Remove elastic and can.
5. Attach a one or one 1/2 inch handle with staples.


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