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About Our Theme
In our class we have a yearly theme. Themes help to build a sense of community and spirit in the classroom and give us a focus for the year. Our theme for the school year 2008-2009 will be On the Road to the White House, chosen to reflect our country's election of a new president this November.

As stated in our Massachusetts History and Social Science frameworks about the Grade 2 curriculum: "A history and social science curriculum should help students acquire a common under­standing of American history, its political principles, and its system of government in order to prepare them for responsible participation in our schools and civic life."

Our yearly theme is tied into a classroom incentive program in which children earn Peirce Prides (PPs) for demonstrating the following:


This year the children will begin their learning journey as a REPRESENTATIVE. After 25 PPs they will become a SENATOR. Another 25 Peirce Prides will move them to the level of VICE PRESIDENT, and an additional 50 PPs will have them becoming PRESIDENT!

Each child will have her/his own chart on our "On the Road to the White House" board to keep track of his/her progress.
NOTE: It is important to remember that this is NOT a race.
It's not about getting there "first", it's about getting there!

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About The White House
These links will help students, parents, and teachers, alike, explore the home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

360 Degree White House Tour
An awesome place to start - see each room in the White House in this panoramic tour!

Inside the White House - National Geographic
Be sure to set aside a chunk of time to do this with a parent!

The White House at enchantedlearning.com
Learn lots about the White House here. Scroll down on page for a coloring sheet of the White House.

The White House Historical Association Classroom

  • First Kids - Learn about some of the children who have lived in the White House.
  • Party Time! - Pretend you're giving a birthday party at the White House!
  • Lost in the White House! - Compare your house or home to the White House!
  • Dear Diary - Write a diary entry for a day of your life at the White House.
  • John Kennedy's White House Diary - Get some inspiration for your diary entry by reading those of JFK! Be sure to read and think about the quotes on the pages.

Colors and Shapes of the White House
Take a closer look at the shapes and colors in the White House.

Life in the White House
Lots to do here! Try some of the fun concentration games!

White House Printable

White House Paper Model
Print this out and make your own model of the White House!
There's a U.S. Capitol Building Paper Model, too!

The White House in Miniature
Watch this great video created by Growing Bolder.

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About the Presidents
Being President is no easy job! Use these links to find out more about our U.S. Presidents and our country's election process.

Presidential Biographies from White House Kids

Presidents Coloring Pages from White House Kids

Mr. President - Profiles from Our Nation’s Leaders
From Smithsonian for Kids - includes portraits, quotes, and fun facts

Presidential Seal at enchantedlearning.com
Learn about the Presidential Seal, then print one out to color.

Web Quest: Presidents Past, Present, & Future - From Scholastic

Play "Dynamite Presidents" at America’s Story

Who is Your Favorite President?
Learn about the presidents and the election process.

Wayback Presidents - The Secret History
Learn about the Campaign Trail and much more!

PBS Democracy Project
Try “Be President for a Day!"

Power of the People
Grade 2-3 lesson plans from President $1 program - see all grade level lessons here.

Scholastic Research Tools - U.S. Presidents
Research U.S. Presidents, the First Ladies, the White House and more.

Kids Konnect - Presidents
Scroll down for lots of links about presidents and other related subjects.

Presidents and Elections Unit
"This unit is designed to give primary-age children a brief introduction to the office of the President and the election process using library books, worksheets, art projects and Internet research."

Electing a President for Kids
Click on "Read All About Electing a President" for a kid created slide show with easy to understand information.

Election Day Theme from abcteach.com

Time for Kids - Government
FANTASTIC find for teachers (and parents). Choose appropriate grade level for some GREAT reproducible activities to help students learn about the election process and the presidency.
Here is one example:

National Mock Election
Watch the movie, lots of great resources

Election Books Resources
Check out this great list of books with an election theme.
The first three can be read online!

George Washington
Learn about the “Father of Our Country” - created by second graders

Abraham Lincoln for Primary Grades
Learn lots about one of our greatest presidents.

Thomas Jefferson’s Macaroni and Cheese
Did you know that Jefferson is credited with bringing mac and cheese to the United States? Try this recipe (with an adult) and pretend that you're enjoying it at the White House!

How about learning this song? (Of course, the last line will have to be changed soon!)

US Presidents’ Song
(to tune of “The Paw Paw Patch”)

Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison
Monroe. Adams, Jackson, Van Buren
Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor
Filmore, Pierce, Buchanan

Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, Hayes
Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison
Cleveland, McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft
Wilson, Harding, Coolidge

Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower
Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford
Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton
George Bush is our President.

We entered Scholastic's "Picture a President" contest.
Below, please enjoy our "Parade of Presidents" slideshow of our entries.
I think you'll agree - the children did a FANTASTIC job!

Parade of Presidents on PhotoPeach

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About Bonus Peirce Prides
Have you read about our Peirce Prides above? If you have, and you are ready to begin your learning journey "On the Road to the White House," here's how...
  • Research and answer the following questions.
  • Email me your name and answers by August 31, 2008 (but earlier would be better!).
  • Each correct answer will earn you a Peirce Pride point.
  • Be sure to put all your answers in ONE email, so I can be sure to keep an accurate account of PPs.
Bonus Peirce Pride Questions
  1. You need to know your address. What is the address of the White House?

  2. Money can be very interesting. Ask a parent if you can take a closer look at our U.S. bills. Did you know that one of them has the White House on the reverse side? Which one is it?

  3. Massachusetts is the birthplace of some of our presidents. Name all the presidents born in MA.

  4. Go to Secrets About the Presidents. Find Thomas Jefferson's secret. Copy it and email it to me.

  5. Thomas Jefferson's secret is a fact! There is a children's book written about it, and we will be reading it in our classroom!! What is the title of this children's book that tells about Jefferson's secret?

who have earned Bonus Peirce Prides...

Zachary - 5
Lucas - 5
Kate - 5
Drew - 5
Isabella - 5
Venice - 5
Tate - 5
Telden - 5
Samantha - 5
Henry - 5
Jasmin - 5
Michael G. - 5
Patrick - 5
Ellyce - 5
Stephanie -5
Ryan - 5
Michael M. - 5
Jasmine - 5
Dania - 5
Maia - 5

Email Ms. Jacoby

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Final Words from Famous Faces

Here are some famous faces who have some parting words for you.
Click on the arrow under each face to hear what each one has to say.
Do you recognize the background behind Uncle Sam?

SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS: Since there are "ads" on these Voki images, if you see
anything that you feel is inappropriate, please contact me immediately. Many thanks!

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Some images from Phillip Martin's Clipart